Brand New – “Mene” + Live @ Shrine review

Since we are already working out some youthful energy today, I figured it was time to post the first new Brand New track in 6 years: “Mene”. This post isn’t so much about this song (although you should listen to it) or what this song says about their new material (anything is more promising than Daisy) it is about that time 2 weeks ago when I saw Brand New play live here in LA and it was the most significant concert experience I’ve had in the past 10 years. If you’re anything like me and Your Favorite Weapon and/or Deja Entendu are seminal albums in your life then the return of Brand New is important. (I’ll leave the merits of Fight Off Your Demons and Daisy to another day/person)

When it comes to playing live, Brand New are still very much alive and kicking. The whole band rips and aside from omitting everything except the slow songs from Your Favorite Weapon, I had no gripes with their performance.  But that isn’t where the magic lies. The real treat is being in the audience with all the rabid fans jumping at every word and riff, singing along at the top of their lungs and bringing a fervent energy that is completely unparalleled by any other audience I’ve seen (You can even ask Stereogum). So for me, who is used to concerts of small emerging bands where most people don’t even know the lyrics to the 1 song the band has released, this show was a revelation. A reunion of all my best friends that I’ve never met, yet we share a common heart and mind. It was beautiful. Go see Brand New live and experience it yourself.

BRAND NEW tearing into the new song, our hearts, and the the fabric of reality. All at once. #nofilter

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Brand New – “Jesus Christ” (Hasta Remix)

Even though I haven’t seen them live since long before I started The Burning Ear 6 years ago, I am pretty sure Brand New is still the band that I’ve bought tickets to see more than any other band in my life. And I get to see them again in 2 weeks. It will either be wildly euphoric or deeply disappointing. Or, more likely, an roller coaster that flirts with both emotional poles. Either way, this doped up remix of the later catalog Brand New classic “Jesus Christ” is treating me right as I gear up for the big reunion show (me reuniting with my buddy Ted and our old “homies” Brand New, not the band actually reuniting. Although that is kind of happening too since its been so damn long).

Brand New - Jesus Christ // (Hasta Remix)

Dubstep Roundup Vol. 11 – 2.18.2011 [M.I.A., MIKE POSNER, FENECH-SOLER, DARUDE and more…]

Holler!  Its your dub stomping Dub-dealers here with your bi-weekly fix.  Short and to the point this time.  Its friday, its Nurdy time, its just that time, so get on with it.

Ohh, and don’t go complaining to your mum when your brain jiggles a little too much for you own good.  Peace.

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♫ M.I.A. – Internet Connection – (Flux Pavilion Remix) / Being music fanatics there are few things more annoying than a bad internet connection holding you back.  Honestly, we get frustrated just thinking about it.  That being said, there has probably been a lot of creative goodness to come from such a irritating problem.  This song being one.

♫ Brand New – Daisy (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix) / Ohh Canadia, thank you so much for giving us the production Dj duo from Montreal.  Thank you too, Baby Jesus.  We will be hearing much, much more from these dudes.

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A Burning Ear Christmas – Part 2: Classics Covered

xmas kittyOK, so Christmas is quickly approaching and although you have been thinking a lot about shopping as you have been listening to TBE X-Mas Part 1, you haven’t been doing much about it. Now that shopping days are countable on our hands it’s time to kick the spirit into high gear. I’ve done all I can to help by cobbling together this mix of Christmas classics covered by our contemporaries. You don’t even need to celebrate Christmas to enjoy these jams! So weather you are as behind on your holiday business as I am or not, throw this bad boy on a blank CD, stop staring at that cute kitten, and get movin’ pronto!

A Burning Ear Christmas Part 1 – Original Jams

Zip file at the above link.

Tracklist and individual MP3s after the jump…

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BRAND NEW’s new album made my heart SINK. AT least it wasn’t to THE BOTTOM…


how darkly the dark hand met his end

♫ Brand New – Sink

I have been sitting on Brand New’s latest, Daisy, for 5 weeks now and that fact that it has taken me this long to post is not a good sign. I mean it’s not a terrible sign, I am still posting, but this album is not for everyone. Or I don’t know, maybe it is for everyone. It’s a bit angry but what do I know, I am like doctor trying treat a relative, I’m just too close. Brand New is traditionally one of my favorite bands and I have seen them live more times then I can remember. Their first album defined catchy guitar-pop and their second album (a growth of Jack Peñate-rivaling proportions) further cemented their brilliance. After waiting 3 years for LP3 (the ridiculously titled The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me), we were treated to some definite jams, but the album as a whole was lacking. After semi-disappointment of The Devil And God, Brand New popped up in late 2007 with the one-off single release “(Fork and Knife)” (below), a piano and drums churner that didn’t mesh with their recent sound but quickly became one of my favorte sogs of that year. Now, 2 more years later, we have Daisy. Read more

*Just Burn It!* The High Speed Chase Mix! (Plus narrative!)


I know, I know, tough economic times, devastating financial collapse, 800000 billion dollar bailout, blah, blah, blah. Are you gonna keep whining like a schoolgirl with a skinned knee or are you gonna do something about your fiscal apocalypse? What should I do, you ask? Well dummy, do what normal people do when they are hard up for dough, rob a damn bank. Its a stick up, baby, and this is your getaway mix! Get a CDR and Just Burn It!

Narrative of your adventure, track-list, and download link after the jump.

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