[MP3] Turtle Giant – “We Were Kids”

you made us believe you were never here

♫ Turtle Giant – We Were Kids

  • Who: Fredji & Beto Ritchie, António Conceição
  • What: Locomotive beach rock, like Gaslight Anthem, The Danks, The Griswolds
  • Where: Macau, China (via Brazil) + Facebook
  • When: Buy the All Hidden Places EP on Sept 18th.
  • Why: On the surface Macau is a seedy ashtray of a gambling hole draped around one of the most beautiful old towns I’ve seen. Apparently somewhere in there are 3 guys making this most unlikely garage/surf rock. thank goodness for the Internet that we get to hear it too. “We Were Kids” kicks down the gate and then gets in its vintage muscle car and does donuts on top of it, all the while belting out that chorus of “ooh oh oh, ooh oh oh!” Great times.

[MP3] CSS – “Hits Me Like A Rock”

we have too many bruises from too much kissing, and the only pain would be from too much missing

♫ CSS – Hits Me Like A Rock (ft. Bobby Gillespie)

3rd album. 1st single. Featuring singer from Primal Scream. None of those facts are really relavent here cause it’s Saturday and who has time for details? CSS are back and they are sounding a hell of a lot better than they did on their last album so I’m pumped. Find a friendly shoulder to throw an arm around and head into the night together while this one plays out in the background.

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