Kyson – “Pictures” + “Wattle Rise” // Brian Batt

You’re alone at a bus stop, the bus hasn’t come for over an hour, and there’s a steady stream of cars whizzing by. You might feel alone, exposed, contemplative – but don’t worry. Kyson is right here with you, he knows exactly what you’re going through, and he’s even called ahead to make sure a warm cup of tea will be ready for you as soon as you get home. And look, there’s the bus now.

“Pictures” is the third single taken from Kyson’s sophomore album ‘A Book Of Flying’, out now via Friends Of Friends.

“Wattle Rise” is part of Friends of Friends excellent ‘<a href=””>Up Too Early</a>’ compilation, which is perfect since the repeated “gonna face you” vocal sample used in this track is the same mantra I chant at the sun as I’m tangled up in my bedsheets. Careful that the plush, subby bass doesn’t pull you right back to bed.

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