Penelope Isles – “Gnarbone” + “Shining Gold” // Andrew McIntosh

There’s something hypnotizing and brilliant about Penelope Isles’ “Gnarbone.”  It takes lo-fi to new dynamic levels, layering chord over chord, building up verse after verse, until it reaches the climactic bridge, which is then filled with a tinge of psychedelic elegance and a bit of indie rock majesty.  This dense piece takes us on a journey that will never be quite over.  And such is what life brings us.

When you recover, kick back with the mellower ride of their latest jam “Shining Gold”.


Sea Bed – “Pretender” // Thomas Albdorf

Sea Bed light a fire with “Pretender”, an instant sing-along classic that demands the car windows down and the volume knob up.

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DJ Beige Thickness – “Speak Like A Child” // Jenna Andersen

Try not to slip and fall too hard into this downtempo groover from the always on point DJ Beige Thickness.

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dj beige thickness – “I Wish” // Kevin Cyr

“i whish this moment could last foheveh”

Get into ore Beige Thickness with “Roll Up Roll Up”.

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PHORIA will EVOLVE your mind one clap-beat at a time

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Oslo Parks – “Slipping Away”

Oslo Parks are back with another gem of a jam that lets a bit of Foals slip into their sunset indie rock grooves. “Slipping Away” is a swirling ride perfect for easing you into the weekend our out of a hangover. Either way you are slipping away from something and doing it at the hands of the best.  Read more

Dressin Red – “Pools”

It’s a hot Thursday here in L.A. which means I’ve got my eye on the weekend and the imaginary pool I’ll be spending it in. In celebration of my aquatic fantasyland, lets dive into a 3 part series of weirdo wonderful tracks that have the word pool in them. Lose yourself in the deep end of Dressin Red’s instrumental glitch groove soundscape “Pools”. Then try and stay afloat for parts 2 and 3…  Read more

Fickle Friends – “Paris”

Start your Monday slow. Let TBE faves Fickle Friends spark memories of old friends and new loves in mythical places.

The Velvet EP is out now.  Read more