Oslo Parks – “Fiction”

I can only imagine that a real astronaut space suit is heavy as hell but if I ever got to wear one I would definitely have to fight the urge to dance in it. Especially if “Fiction” is playing through my NASA-made helmet making me feel all floaty and sinister. Lets push this space ship to the limit! Intergalactic speed limits be damned!  Read more

Aeble – “Better By Your Side” ft. Tom Aspaul

Sometimes things get dark and stormy and the only thing to do is abandon ship. And sometimes you can take a moment to step back from the storm and realize that the fight is worth fighting and this moment is just a blip in the grand scheme of being your better self with the person that makes you that way. Take a beautiful moment while listening to this debut jam from Aeble to appreciate the things, people, pets, that make you better.

Better By Your Side ft. Tom Aspaul

Oslo Parks – “The Night”

Sounds like… disco robots from space sneaking through back alleys and starting up dance parties among the shadows. In the middle of the afternoon.

Location: Brighton, UK. Not actually Oslo.

Future: Only two songs out. “Twin” is a slower burn perfect for vibing out with little shoulder dance moves.

Royal Blood – “Figure It Out”

Sounds Like… we’re kicking a hole in that hangover the hard way! “Figure It Out” could have come in handy back in my Air Guitar days. These riffs eat synths for breakfast. Black and white key poops all day!

Location: Brighton, UK. Your face!

Future: Self titled LP is out August 25th. Good luck figuring anything out before then.

Fickle Friends – “Swim”

Fickle Friends - Swim

Fickle Friend’s are doing Brighton right with sunshine, hooks, and female vocals in the best Summer jam of January so far!

IYES – “Crazy In Love” (Beyoncé Cover)

IYES - Crazy In Love

To celebrate “Bey Day,” recent TBE faves IYES released their cover of “Crazy In Love” which is a beautifully dark and brooding twist on the hyper-pop original. Now I wouldn’t mind if IYES took after Beyonce and dropped an unannounced album today.

[EP] Just Jack – ROUGH/READY (w/ “Rims of Doom”)

JustJack Rough Ready

we lost our way, we are all slaves, to the currency that flutters by, the jealousies we try to hide

♫ Just Jack – Rims of Doom

  • Who: Jack Allsopp
  • What: Chill pop, like Jack Penate, Peter & Kerry, Cosmo Jarvis
  • Where: Brighton, UK + Facebook
  • When: Release dates?
  • Why: If you aren’t British or haven’t been following this site since the beginning then you probably don’t know Just Jack. You don’t remember his awesome Brit dance-pop jams like “Starz in Their Eyes” or “Doctor, Doctor.” Ever since I missed his set earlier this year I’ve been wondering what he is up to. A bit of research turned up a whole EP of mellowed out and mature off-kilter tracks. “Rims of Doom” is the kind of “aging artist railing against the youth movements” track that would normally make me cringe but Jack pulls it off nicely. And there are horns. Its a departure from the songs that he is known for but a nice reminder that he is still out there making music. We’re here when you come back, Jack.

[MP3] Yumi and The Weather – “Not Again”

listen, there’s always a lesson learned

♫ Yumi and The Weather – Not Again

  • Who: Yumi and friends.
  • What: Twitchy funk folk, like Cookies, Brodka, Bluebell,
  • Where: Brighton, UK + Facebook
  • When: Just this jam so far.
  • Why: Graph paper is an appropriate background for this jam’s album art because the beat is almost mathematically funky. Pop, click, ding, it works your body like a tiny-fisted boxer, forcing you to move and groove to it’s oddball beat.