Golden Vessel – “Shoulders (ft. Elkkle & Mallrat)” // Luisa Rivera

Sometimes you get a collaboration that you didn’t even know you could dream for. Producer extraordinaire Golden Vessel teams up with Elkkle and the razor-sharp Mallrat on a song about longing, the shifting nature of friendships and relationships, and tangled webs of feelings. It’s remarkable how much this small team accomplishes over the course of three-and-a-half minutes, from the percussive workouts and subtle synth programming to Mallrat’s impressive wordplay that manages to stay honest and relatable. All of it’s anchored by the main vocal, who knows what the object of his affection needs but doesn’t know how to give it to her. Remarkably mature and well-executed, this one’s worth any heartache it might bring to the surface.

Get more Mallrat with “For Real” on VINYL MOON Volume 014: From The Window.

Dive into Golden Vessel with “Can’t Stay (ft. Abraham Tilbury)” on VINYL MOON Volume 012: Still. Life.

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Yoste – “Chihiro” + “Calcifier”

Out of my cage through an open door, Feeling less tired than I did before,
I broke my fever then I broke my chains, I don’t like liars and I don’t like change.

Yoste (rhymes with lost) is not afraid to venture off the beaten path to uncover something unexpected. His music is both celebration and introspection as it rolls and bounces like a odd shaped rock tumbling down a hill towards a cool pond.

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[MP3] Allthingslost – “Deceit”

After hearing his feature with Golden Vessel, I knew I had to dig deeper into Allthingslost. But I only got to the surface before I heard “Deceit” and stopped digging in favor of laying on my back under the sunset and letting my tired eyes rest for… just… a… minute…  Read more

Cub Sport – “It Kills Me”

It was fun while it lasted. But you know, then it got all weird. No use lingering on it. No use wishing or hoping. What’s done is done. Best to just fish everything out of the pool and turn up the tunes with some fruit salad.  Read more

Golden Vessel – “Can’t Stay” (ft. Allthingslost)

Pardon me for a second. I’ve just listened to “Can’t Stay” at full volume twice now and I’m gonna need a minute to relocate some departed members of my sanity. It all started smoothly enough but before long I could see the horizon rattling off its hinges and start doing the worm beneath the red sky. So yeah, I’ll be back in just a second…  Read more

Art of Sleeping – “Voodoo”

Lover, you leave me in tatters.

Leave me but don’t leave too long.

If I fall and I break and I shatter, I feel so alone.

Voodoo, man. It’ll get ya. When you least expect it, against all odds, across party lines. Nothing you can do but hang on tight and do your best to tell the story. Art of Sleeping tell theirs in this spaced out guitar groover that sounds like fresh wounds feel.  Read more

JarrydjamesK – “Give Me Something”

The Internet is a funny thing. Here we are giving JarrydjamesK the attention he deserves, yet I doubt this song has anything to do with us. It is for someone. And are they giving him the attention he so beautifully asks for? It’s a lot of layers to think about when you are just trying to get your Friday afternoon groove on to fire new jams like “Give Me Something”…  Read more

JOY. – “Stone”

Sounds like… the calm before the storm. That fleeting Friday afternoon moment when you take a deep breath, shedding off the stresses of the week, and steeling your mind for the onslaught of fun and excess the weekend lays ahead. Its a beautiful moment, but always too brief.

Location: Brisbane, Australia.

Future: A whole lot of it. JOY.’s Olivia McCarthy is 17 year old.