Fenne Lily. – “On Hold” // Masha Ivashintsova

There’s something about the contrast between the scratchy guitar and the elegance of Fenne Lily’s voice that brings this whole track together, like, when leaning against a tree, the roughness of the tree bark somehow makes the sun leaking through the leaves that much more lovely. All I know is that when the guitar solo rips into life, I’m totally sucked in, abrasion or no.

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BOA – “Steal It” // Kari Simonsen

It doesn’t really matter what the calendar says – as long as “Steal It” is playing on my speakers, it’s the summer. Highly recommended for pool parties or when you wish you could be at one. Which is pretty much all the time.


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Gabrielle Alpin – “Miss You” // James Jean

And here we have a bit of brightness and light to wrap ourselves in on this Monday. Gabrielle Alpin is apparently huge in the UK… not sure why we haven’t heard about her here in the US. But not really sure about a lot of things these days. Better to just listen to “Miss You” on repeat.

Coasts – “Let Go”

Music for… anyone who caught (and “fell in love by the ocean” to) Coasts previous English indie dance gem “Oceans”. Its tight, bouncy, dance music for people who prefer to move their bodies in the pit than the club.

Location: Bristol & Norwich, UK

Future: The A Rush Of Blood EP is out 01.12.14. Catch the more recently released slow groover “Lions” below.

The Other Tribe – “The Fear”

Sounds Like… The Other Tribe spent their downtime breaking hearts and getting tender. This one goes out to all the ladies that felt like “We Should Be Dancing” was really a euphemism…

Location: Bristol. Bedrooms.

Future: More sex music I hope.

[MP3] Mr. 50 – “Vodka Soda”

[soundcloud id=’132337150′]

“Vodka Soda” by Bristol’s Mr. 50 is disco dance music for the demented. Grooves made by and for the after hours. A soundtrack for something seedy. Get into it.

The Other Tribe – “Nobody Else”

The Other Tribe - Nobody Else

Bristol’s The Other Tribe drop another bouncy indie dance jam that further solidifies them as one of the bands I’m most excited for in 2014.

The Other Tribe – “My Girl”

The Other Tribe - My Girl (Full Vocal Mix)

Oh man. Bristol’s The Other Tribe just keep coming with the hits! Perfect for Summer. Less tears than the movie. Love it.

Also check out this older track of theirs I just saw. The very awesomely titled “Sing With Your Feet”.

Look out for the band at these festivals:

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