Safari Gold – “Howl”

bring me daylight in a pill

you owe me every thrill

you owe me everything you’ve got

Sure, sunsets are beautiful things. But there is something heavy about them. The death of a day. The closing of a window of opportunity. Watching a sunset can feel like staring at the clock for the last minute of a test you haven’t finished taking. Sunsets are beautiful, but heavy too. Like “Howl”.  Read more

Kirk Spencer – “In Treatment (ft. Louis Scott)”

Kirk Spencer

i just got to get you over me

Because sometimes you just gotta slow roll in that hooptie with the windows down and the sun in your eyes. Nowhere to be except right there with the music. Plus, its always great to hear perfect LA summertime soul music coming out of the UK. Weird!

[REMIX] Chad Valley – “Up and Down” (Vince Clarke Remix)

Chad valley

feeling sun up and down

It’s the freakin’ weekend baby and its time to get loose! Vince Clark puts a sticky layer of funk of this Chad Valley jam and the result is summertime tasty! Crank those “ooo ooohs” along with me!