Broken Bells – “Holding On For Life”

Damn, Broken Bells is back! “Holding On For Life” is a big return for the Danger Mouse and James Mercer project. Or maybe we cant even call it a project now. A return single like this and the new album After The Disco coming soon. Well, whatever, get into that bassline and sing along!

BROKEN BELLS are like THE GHOST of the band I used to listen to INSIDE at my old job

she got no future just a love to endure, this gives some matter to shaking her hide

♫ Broken Bells – The Ghost Inside

I’ve listened to the first 2 Shins albums a lot. But not because I love them. They were just 2 of the few albums that were deemed appropriate to play in the chocolate shop I used to work in near Wall Street. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the Shins, I am just t not a fan, per se (their 2007 snoozer didn’t help). Anyway, as you might know, Broken Bells is the musical project of Shins frontman James Mercer and Danger Mouse. Their first single got poo-pooed by me a few months ago but now that their album has made a few spins through the ears I have a different impression. I guess I was expecting something more Danger Mouse-y with vocals from the dude from The Shins but Broken Bells is much more a Shins-sounding group with a touch of Danger Mouse. If you know The Shins then you will be at home in tracks like “October,” “Vaporize” and “Trap Doors.” However, the real album standouts are when Mercer steps off of his own well worn path and ventures into something interesting. “Mongrel Heart” takes fantastically dark spin on Mercer’s vocals and Danger Mouse’s simple percussion. The real winner is “The Ghost Inside” which sees Mercer change up his vocals over some infectiously bouncy handclap-based production and a great bit of guitar work. So if you loved The Shins I think you’ll be down with Broken Bells. If The Shins were always a bit bland for you then there may be only a few standout tracks here. That’s my feeling. You?

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Because sometimes good songs have no place in a post of their own. But mostly, just because I am not down with a jam doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hear it too.

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