Bear Hands – “Back Seat Driver (Spirit Guide)” // Art: Levalet

“Back Seat Driver (Spirit Guide)” draws on the synths of Passion Pit-era indie rock and pop punk vocals for a song that makes it hard not to clap along. It’s all about the gang vocals on this one, so find yourself a crowd to sing it with. Even if that crowd is just three of your friends yelling together and pissing off your upstairs neighbors.

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Rosehardt – “Fall Into You” // Michael Dandley

Rosehardt can switch from gritty indie rapper to silky smooth soul singer on a dime. But even though “Fall Into You” is a perfect example of the latter, he carries over his razor-sharp lyricism for a dreamy song about not wanting to dream anymore. Anyone tired of the dating world in 2017 will fall for this jam.

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Hayes Peebles – “Airways” // Logan Jackson

“Airways” manages to be both simple and complex on the surface at the same time.  It follows a simple structure and pattern of the American country song, yet expands beyond the genre.  The result is a beautiful, innovative sound of a genre that Hayes Peebles seems to have mastered: indie folk-country.  Put “Airways” on at the countryside gathering beneath the celestial sky full of stars. Then make sure check out its B-Side “Bella”.

Get more of the awesome Hayes Peebles in your life with “Home” on Vinyl Moon: Might.

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O Mer – “Refugee” // Michael Marcelle

This fast-paced, rhythmically-driven is perfect to make your daily run around the neighborhood that much more exciting.  Alternatively, you can use this to motivate you to stay on task with work.  Whatever you do with this song, there’s a guarantee you’re gonna keep on doing it till the song is over.  Built on top of a complex, layered rhythm, “Refugee” knows how to push all the right musical buttons: throw a guitar lick there, a hit in the lower register of the synth here, and you’ll keep things sonically dynamic.

If you want another wonderful taste of O Mer, check out “Now I’m Alive” on Vinyl Moon Volume 009: Shifting States.

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Turkuaz – “On The Run” // Sebastian Velasco

This funky tune takes on the classic groovy disco-funk sound of the 70’s for a contemporary audience.  This jam is layered with all sorts of instruments that comprise the quintessential funk lineup, from the rhythmic electric keys, the Nile Rodgers and Chic-style guitar licks and bass lines, and blasting trumpet section.  With an unstoppable groove going on, you’re gonna want to turn on your inner John Travolta on the dance floor.

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Teenage Love – “Sweaterface” // Aof Smith

There’s a lot going on in this song.  Teenage Love’s “Sweaterface” is an orchestral cupcake in the cake pop section of the grocery market, with tinges of classical and big band instrumentation sprinkled here and there.  With a dynamic rhythm and a dense production, Teenage Love redefines maximalist music for a new generation.

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Vacances – “Damage” // Jan Siemen

“Damage” could be the push you need to finish that last mile on your run or the soundtrack to a scene where the movie’s protagonist finally gets the courage to ask out their love interest of five years. Let Vacances be the fuel to your next pivotal moment.

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Plastic Picnic – “Bite” // PUTPUT

Just when you thought the jangly guitars would be the star of the show, retro synths come in and steal the spotlight while the chorus coos softly overhead. But in this fight for attention, the listener wins every time.

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