Ben Talmi – “Play” // Amanita Design

I get the feeling that Ben Talmi knows what it’s like to see a weekend approaching and not feel in any state to enjoy it. “Play” feels like an anthem for turning life’s toughest twists into something fun. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger and right now listening to “Play” on blast is definitely making me stronger. It’s Ben and I against the weekend!

Dive into more Ben Talmi with his jumping-on-the-bed jam “Pure” as well.

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Fort Lean – “Easily” + “New Hobbies” (Video)

It’s a big week for Fort Lean! Their album Quiet Day is finally out in Europe! And they dropped a video for “New Hobbies” (below). AND they have 2 brand new tracks out! “Easily” is on heavy rotation around here with it’s laid back grind/groove fitting perfectly with this Summer sun sitting outside my window. The more I listen, the more I want to get outside! But then I watch the “New Hobbies” video and get scared about ever leaving the house again…

Vinyl fans, be sure to catch “Might’ve Misheard” on Vinyl Moon Volume 006! And then get their full Quiet Day LP pressed mustard yellow from Ooh La La Records.



[PREMIERE] Skyes – “Dry” (Video)

Anyone paying attention knows I love me some Skyes and that their song “Dry” is my absolute jam. So its an honor to premiere their new video for it and all of it’s paranoid party vibe glory. The song is already beautifully haunting so its fitting that he video follows suit. Start your weekend off with a healthy dose of skepticism for everyone around you! Or at least start it off with “Dry” on repeat :)

Dive into the full Quarks EP and check out “Dry” on Vinyl Moon Volume 009.

p.s. Keen eyes will catch Ben from Paperwhite in the video!

Peter Wise – “On The Ground” // Tim Gardner

Sometimes the best part of a city is the view from the outside. Cheers to distance and perspective.

All we want is to go back
To when we weren’t possessed
On leaving our lives a mess
Shoot before you’re shot
As this world falls apart

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Wales – “Falling” // Stephanie Ho

Oh what to do when your head is in the clouds but so is all the rain. Read more

PAIDEIA jumps at me like a RESTLESS CHILD grown bored from watching AKIRA but still amped by the animations

Less than 75 followers on this guy’s Soundcloud which is bonkers because I’ve just spent the last half hour bouncing between the 4 tracks available trying to find a favorite and I can’t. Can you?

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VIOLET SANDS slowly fill an AIRY room with soft grooves that would calm a tense CANARY

From the Strange Attractor EP available now: iTunes / Spotify. Definitely get into it.

Previously on TBE: Violet Sands

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O MER runs the risk of being OVERFLOWN more than overblown

Get airborne on this handclap fueled ride through O Mer’s weird world of sounds.

Then check out O Mer’s “Now I’m Alive” on VINYL MOON Volume 009.

Previously on TBE: O Mer

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