TAMPER creaft a kinda scary dreamstate in the sky like an AURORA borealis lit from A NEW FIRE

Tie yourself to something solid because this one comes in like a slow tide but takes you out at twice the speed.

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Mons Vi – “Waiting”

Mons Vi want you to relax. Read a book, take a walk, get an air plant. Let deep breaths replace deep regret as you melt into “Waiting” and drift away on those hazy guitars.  Read more

Animal Feelings – “Let Go” (feat Yulia)

Feelings in general are complex things, so its appropriate that Oli Chang’s Animal Feelings project runs deeper with each listen. Dive into the body-moving “Let Go” above and when you’ve quit trying to air guitar the shit of that amazing solo and need a break from the dancing let the instrumental piano-led flow of “Ferns” wash you clean.

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Savoir Adore – “Giants”

Savoir Adore are coming to a city near you! Lock up your children! (just so they are safe when you go out the concert…) And I can’t think of a better jam to get amped for a show with than “Giants”. This massive stomping sing along is sure to lay waste to any sedentary vibes you are feeling today.

Los Angeles, catch Savoir Adore and Paperwhite tonight at School Night! The rest of the tour dates are below.

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The Bones of J.R. Jones – “Hammers And Nails”

We’ve all been wronged. Wronged by a woman, wronged by a bossman, wronged by our own stubborn adherence to an alternate reality dreamworld. On those days when those wrongs come up to bite you its good to have a brother in arms for singing them away. Some foot stomps and handclaps work wonders too. The Bones of J.R. Jones make the perfect racket for that kind of work.  Read more

tamper – “Bought And Sold” + “Disparate Youth” (Santigold cover)

Tamper are here to haunt you like a ghost of heartbreak past. Take a walk through some harrowing memories with “Bought and Sold”. You’ll feel a little shaken at first but much better overall.

Then get into their Santigold cover. Yessss.

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Xan Young – “Fade Away”

Right now this new Xan Young jam “Fade Away” is just the right soothing energy I need. Like having your spirit animals show up and guide you out of the forest.  Read more

Alge – “Diamond Inseams”

When I call back all of the times
I borrowed my strength from you
You’re a portrait, frozen in time
It was all by design for true

Less than 700 plays on this gem. But like any rare stone, that’s only going to go up in value.

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