[#60-41] The 60 Best Underrated Songs of the Past 6 Years (3000 Posts)


The moment I hit the “publish” button on this post, that counter above (that I see on the backend of this blog) will turn to 3,000. Three-motherFing-thousand. That’s a lot of posts. That’s a hell of a lot of music. But just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, that number took 6 years and 1 month to reach. So happy birthday to The Burning Ear. Happy 3,000th post to new bands. Happy remaining sanity in my music addled brain. And to celebrate those happys, I would like to revisit the same concept as this blog’s very first post and pay special attention to songs that I feel went under-appreciated. These are the jams that are considered stadium worth in my ears, even if they only ever garnered a few thousand plays on Soundcloud, YouTube, or Myspace (yes, this blog is that old…).

So read on for Part 1 of what I’m cleverly and succinctly titling The Best Underrated Songs of the Past 6 Years (3000 Posts) Feb 2009 – March 2015. Part 2 drops tomorrow (here), and Part 3 the next day. And then after that, look out for some stylistic changes here on The Burning Ear. It’s exciting times and I’m beyond stoked to share it with all you crazies. But now, some weird thoughts on these songs!

Love & Jams,

-Brandon B.

p.s. There is a playlist of all the songs at the bottom of the post so you can listen to them straight through.

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Motopony rocks like no other

[LIVE] SXSW Day 3 Recap + 360° Interviews

Motopony rock like no other

Day 3 was the smoothest yet. An eclectic afternoon lineup led into a rock party evening that had the whole Firehouse moving. Here are the few interviews I was able to grab. If I survive today I’ll have more tomorrow! Read more

[EVENT] The Burning Ear’s FREE 2012 SXSW Parties

Yes, the rumors are true. The Burning Ear is in full effect at this year’s SXSW. With the help of Joel’s Lights & Music Entertainment and the awesome people at The Firehouse Lounge & Hostel we have cooked up the biggest blog curated lineup Austin has ever seen. Plus, it’s FREE!  Seriously. Sit down before you click through to the full event page.

I wont even get into too many details here lest those of you not in Austin this week flip out with jealousy. If you feel strong enough then dip down below for some teasers. I hope to see some of you come and rock out! Don’t forget to say hi and high-five!


4 Days  |  3 Levels  |  40+ live shows | FREE

FEATURING: Jukebox The Ghost – Gigamesh – Gemini Club – Polarsets – DWNTWN – Slow Club – ANR – & many more!

The Best SONGS of 2011 – Pt. 2 (July-Dec)

Songs are pretty amazing things. It’s magical that such a small thing can be so powerful. In the blink of an eye a song can make you smile, dance, cry, think, laugh, etc. These are the ones that did all those things for me the second half of 2011.  Read more

[MP3] Brown Shoe – “Colt Rider”

no need for worrying just yet, now is not the time

♫ Brown Shoe – Colt Rider

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll recognize Brown Shoe from our previous coverage of “Late Nights.” Consider this a small follow-up.

Now typically, I wouldn’t favor a band such as Shoe. They describe themselves as fitting alongside Band of Horses and The Magic Numbers, neither of which I have given much ear time to. But as I played through the album, the rambunctious airy feeling engulfed me, “Colt Rider” especially. The bands album The Gift Horse is releasing on October 18th, but head over to their Facebook to get a sneak peek.

Band links: Facebook

[MP3] Brown Shoe – “Late Nights”

you got me tired out from running you down

♫ Brown Shoe – Late Nights

Well damn if this ‘aint one catchy piece of rock n roll music. The epic stadium sing along kind that you belt out at the top of you lungs even if you are only alone in the car. Especially if you are alone in the car.

Brown Shoe get a lot of comparisons to Kings of Leon due to their big rock stylings but the fact that they are 3 brothers and a long time friend doen’t help either. I, for one, wouldn’t mind if these guys filled the void left behind by KoL’s recent meltdown. Catch more of their rock, including a couple previous LPs, at their Bandcamp. [via Fairly Coherent]

Crank the amp at Bandcamp