Bryce Vine – “Los Angeles”

Spend enough time here in L.A. and you’ll eventually start having the internal debate over whether this manic city is a bright and vibrant land of excitement or cesspool of all things smooggy aired and foggy brained. Bryce Vine knows what I’m talking about. And I’d go give him a hug to console him but I think he lives like 4 miles away and that would take an hour in traffic, soo….  Read more

[PARTY] Blind Date w/ Bryce Vine, Wild Party, 8th Grader, Carlton // 6.25.2014

Blind Date is the finest monthly new music showcase in LA and yes I happen to co-organize it, yes it is turning 21, and yes you will fee stupid if you miss it tonight. We are celebrating our 21st edition with a kick ass lineup of Burning Ear favorites from nearly every genre we love. I’m getting hot just thunking about it.


Blind Date @ Bootleg Bar
9pm  - Carlton
9:45  – 8th Grader
10:30  - Wild Party
11:15 – Bryce Vine
I’ll be spinning between sets. Sweet.


[VIDEO] Music Video Roundup – 4.28.14 (Bryce Vine, NO, Body Parts, Bear Hands)

Gather round everyone, this Music Video Roundup has it all! Laughs, violence, loneliness, drugs, dancing, and even some good ol fashioned time travel (Calvin & Hobbes would be proud of Bryce Vine’s “Sour Patch Kids” video). Dive in and get dirty!

Bryce Vine – “Sour Patch Kids”

NO – “There’s A Glow”

Body Parts – “People”

Body Parts / People from Body Parts on Vimeo.

Bear Hands – “Giants”

Bryce Vine – “Guilty Pleasure” + “Where The Wild Things Are”

You all know I love sharing my newest musical discoveries more than anything but every once in a while I get a bit selfish and sit on something for longer than I should. I first heard Bryce Vine over a month ago but every time I sit down to write about him I find a new song or video and the plot thickens on this dude’s rising star. “Guilty Pleasure” is the perfect example of how Bryce blends hip-hop swagger with a big rock anthem edge and manages to keep everything clean, crisp, and upbeat. You can feel his sun-drenched SoCal roots in every song and as a fellow Los Angeleno I love these kind of jams. Plus, that 60’s VW bus… Love it!

“Where The Wild Things” gets a bit harder as Bryce raps over a big wobbly bass beat but the songs stays grounded as piano and strings weave through it. This is not wallflower music. I’m betting you are going to have to take your hands out of your pockets at a Bryce Vine show.

Bryce’s Guilty Pleasure EP comes out April 22nd so keep an eye out… In the meantime catch this