Bike For Three! – “Full Moon”

My recent #tbt post on Bike For Three!’s 2009 favorite “All There Is To Say About Love” sparked some internet digging and turns out they finally came back with a follow up album in February. “Full Moon” is from their recent LP So Much Forever and is a perfect example of the collaboration between rhyme slinger Buck 65 and trippy producer Greetings from Tuskan. Its a weird project with weird results but we cant help but love it.

Bike For Three say All There Is To Say About Love(ing this song)


the home we chose versus the one that we imagine

Bike For Three – All There Is To Say About Love

This track takes a full minute to get anywhere but when it starts, oh it starts. Bike For Three! is a collaboration between Canadian rapper Richard Terfry (Buck 65) and Belgian electro-babe Greetings From Tuskan (Joëlle Phuong Minh Lê). The two do their business Postal Service style with trans-atlantic delivery acting as the bands third member. Joëlle crafts the tunes and sends them to Richard who writes his rhymes to fit. Throw on the fact that they have never actually met and you have got one of those odd backstories that makes you hope these guys blow up just so you can drop some knowledge on your indie friends at the next summer BBQ. Bike For Three! have only laid one track on the world but this makes me stoked for more. Hopefully we wont have to wait until the May release date of their LP More Heart Than Brains.

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