BUCK – “Underneath The Glow Of My Skin”

I recommend you listen to BUCK’s “Underneath The Glow Of My Skin” a lot. On repeat. But I don’t recommend you listen too much before bed or you will have that weird dream again.. the one where you have a twin and he convinces you to trade your shirts for a boat full of oversized hard candies and escape to the seas only to be spotted instantly by the oversized dental hygienist you stole from who is not pleased. But really you cant shake the question of why a dentist would promote hard candies…  Read more

BUCK – “Arecibo”

Maybe try rubbing your eyes? No? Still weird? It could be the world’s break up letter to reality. Something of a “Its not you, it’s me” rift in their relationship. At least when things fully unravel and you are left standing alonne in a field with a bag full of tuna sandwiches you will have a great soundtrack for a sunny day of snacking and relaxing.

Debut single by Buck, the solo project of Eddie Jones of Masters in France.  Read more