«Flashback« Buckcherry – Lit Up / For The Movies

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♫ Buckcherry – Lit Up / 1999

Oh yeah! Those who know me won’t be surprised to know I loved me some Blackcherry back in the day. What we all may be surprised to know, is that they are still alive and releasing albums. And touring. With KISS. Crazy word. I remember their follow up to the 1999 self tited debt was a sonic disaster and they quickly fell off my radar, save for a few feature film appearances from super-tattooed frontman Josh Todd. The Salton Sea, xXx, and even last year’s Eagle Eye. No supporting actor Oscars, yet. “A change of pace could really do some good.” Following their own advice Buckcherry followed their cocaine fueled inspired first single with the slower, mellower, lovey-er, “For The Movies,” but what am I telling you this for? You still know all the words.

♫ Buckcherry – For The Movies

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