Bungalow – “Rockets”

BUNGALOW – “Never Really Leave” // Katerina Kamprani

Equally at home in a stadium or in your living room, “Never Really Leave” goes from small and intimate to massive and ground-shaking on a dime. What’s impressive is that they can go in the other direction, and make you feel like you’re in an audience of hundreds before the feeling that Bungalow is signing to you and only you.

Get some more Bungalow face-time with “A Little More” from VINYL MOON Volume 005: Go Outsize!

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BUNGALOW are READY to SET you up before you GO

Whatever your mission is, crank up some Bungalow to get prepped for it.

Make sure to get into the full 90/92 EP and then check out Bungalow on Vinyl Moon Volume 005.

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Bungalow – “Fox”

Bungalow just followed up their stellar debut “A Little More” with this big bad wolf of a jam that just put a sinister pep in my step. Time to get the crew together and start plotting out the weekend’s itinerary of dastardly activities…  Read more

BUNGALOW – “A Little More”

Slowly slipping out of love is a story as old as time. Two souls in the same sea slowly drifting apart in the tides of time. It always hurts, even with your eyes closed. But the truth is that if the guitar solo in “A Little More” isn’t enough to salvage things then it was never going to work.