Julian Gray – “Navigate” // Brad Gray

It takes a minute to lumber over to the fridge and crack my ice cold Crystal Pepsi, but once a few sips hit my lips, I’m ready to fly! Cranking “Navigate” makes me want to grab my hover-board and shred into the neon sunset with a fingerless glove pumping to the sky! If I’m not back in 5 hours… don’t bother looking. I’m so far into the next dimension I can’t even send a postcard.

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NONA – “Real Life” // Robert Nicol

Getting up in the morning can be hard… but not when you’re listening to TBE faves Nona. Contemplating life and what it’s all about, “Real Life” will get you thinking hard while rocking out. This track is heavy on feelings as it gives you honest lyrics and a groove thats prime for air-drumming. Be sure to check this one out when you’re in the mood to rethink your “normal life”.

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JOME – “Once Red” // Kyle Smart

“Once Red” gets right into it with twilight sounds and moody guitar riffs. With winter right around the corner, this track will keep you warm with its subtle tone and catchy lyrics. JOME captures its low-fi sound with synthy hooks and brings it all together by “changing the color” and giving you a new view on ambient pop. “Once Red” is off of JOME’s debut album Tunnels which just came out and you know we are loving.

Get more JOME in your life with the fantastic “Brushstroke” on VINYL MOON Volume 016: Breathing Shadows.

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Sleeping Lion – “Stop It (Stripped)” // Ping Zhu

“Stop It (Stripped)” is a somber, melancholic anthem and ode to the end of a relationship, whether it be a romantic companionship or friendship.  With booming drums, striking piano chords, and a particularly tearful viola (and string quartet) to accompany the soft vocal harmonies, this fantastic arrangement of a song that was originally electronic is sure to pull at the heartstrings in a new way as you feel the nostalgic aura the indie folk sound produces.

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Arms Akimbo – “Parachute” // Patrick Gonzales

“Parachute” is such an expansive song that it’s a quite literally a sonic story: it has defined beginning, middle, and end, and each section is distinguishable from the other.  With in the span of one song, Arms Akimbo is able to tell an emotional journey tinged with an indie-alternative southern rock aesthetic, making “Parachutes” a perfect song for the first dance of a jean-jacket countryside wedding.

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Young & Sick – “Ojai” // Maciek Jasik

“Ojai” hides introspective, somber lyrics hide amidst party-starting bass and percussion – which is oddly appropriate, with lines such as “Almost alone if it wasn’t for the neon”. Young & Sick balances his skills as a positive pop-smith with heady concepts, and the results give you something to think about while you’re on the dance floor.

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Nicky Blitz – “Blast Off” // Brock Kenzler

“Blast Off” is back! After recently signing to a major label, TBE fave Nicky Blitz has been crafting some new magic for us and that includes this re-work of this instantly-memorable surf rock jam. “Blast Off” is filled with chants and rhythmic clapping to rock your socks off.  Nicky uses a classic lineup of instrumentation to remind its listeners of why surf rock was amazing then as it is now.  Don’t eat before you surf on this one, in this case, because you’ll probably end up sprinting in the sand and riding the tide with joy.

STAL – “Fresh Blood” // Victoria Villasana

Littered with musical and cultural references of many of their idols, STAL’s “Fresh Blood” is an energetic anthem likening their sexual energy to their lust for art.  “Fresh Blood” certainly shows that with its dense layers of electronic instrumentation and production.  Perfect music for a cultural-art-potluck-carnival-extravaganza.

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