Soul Scratch – “Poison”

Sounds Like… that soulful slow burn for toughening the edges of a broken heart with the help of a killer horn section and a big chorus. Soul Scratch make that kind of consistently great funky soul music that prefers timelessness over trying to be hip. And in the end that is what makes them hipper than most.

Location: Los Angeles

Future: This video for “Poison” and a great new album Down The Road out now.

Mexico City Blondes – “Colors”

Sounds like… something wicked this way comes. Mexico City Blondes get a bit sinister with their second single and I’m loving the swagger. If “Fade” was waking up groggy eyed, “Colors” is that post-coffee confidence to go out and take the day by the balls. Top down, volume up, and with your eye on the prize. Just don’t forget to stop and smell the roses at 1:45. Gotta take some me-time, ya know.

Location: Santa Barbara, CA

Future: Get “Colors” on iTunes.

FMLYBND – “Young Wild”

Music for… making a statement. FMLYBND came on the scene strong last year and after a huge show at our 5 Year Anniversary Party dipped under the radar for a bit. Well the BND is back with “Young Wild” and its a slower burn than previous effort but just as infectious and anthemic.

Location: Santa Barbara, CA

Future: Their new EP, aptly entitled “Back to Life” is out Oct. 7.

Pr0files – “Luxury” (STRAIGHT A Remix)

Sounds like… being seduced on the dance floor. Hard to tell if its the lights, the drinks, or the naked mannequin in the fog, but somehow the body is moving, grooving, and feeling all right.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Future: The Luxury single is up for pre-order now and you get an instant download of TBE favorite “Call Yourself A Lover” when you order.

[VIDEO] Mexico City Blondes – “Fade”

Sounds like… Santa Barbara is stepping up its game. First FMLYBND and now Mexico City Blondes. Only one song out but this new video cements them as ones to watch. Definitely no worry of them disappearing though…

Location: Santa Barbara, CA

Future: More sweet sultry sounds soon.

Saint Motel – “Cold Cold Man”

Music for… people who enjoy fun. I know I can’t frown with a Saint Motel song on. Its a good times dance party in my chair right now. But we all know the guy that we wont play this song for cause he wont like it cause he doesn’t like anything. What a grump. Why are we friends with him anyway? Saint Motel are better friends. Lets hang with them more often

Location: Los Angeles.

Future: Our eVites. Plus a new EP coming soon.

Lavashark – “Susie Q” (LIVE Dale Hawkins Cover)

Naming your band something as badass as Lavashark is tough because it can easily be the pinnacle of your career. Many a band has faltered under the weight of a great name (I was initially disappointed to find out Arcade Fire wasn’t a killer post-punk band). Los Angeles’ Lavashark, however, have something else up their sleeves to backup their razor-sharp and un-meltable sets of teeth: sheer fking analog talent. Its a beautiful thing that with today’s technology anyone can create music on their laptop in their bedroom. But its an even more beautiful thing when the heavily digital world of electronic music gets an injection of analog. Just listen, there is nothing that sounds like this. And certainly nobody pulling it off live like Lavashark. This “Suzy Q” cover is all they have released so far but damn if it doesn’t get me pumped for more.

Pr0files – “Luxury”

Music for… feeling that crazy love and lust combo that infects the brain and affects the world around you. Like beer goggles, but opposite. Luxury love goggles. And who better to lay down the bass & silk than Pr0files.

Location: Los Angeles, CA. (Follow the fog)

Future: 7″ vinyl out 9/16/14.