The Young Wild – “Moment Goes”

Music for… singing aloud at the top of your lungs even though you will never sound as good as the children’s choir. But damn if you cant as much fun! Just watch this guitar solo!

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Future: This lyric video.


Mirror Talk – “1997”

Music for… back alley choreographed knife fights over girls with big hair.

Location: LA

Future: More heartbreak. More knife fights.

Intergalactix – “Tuesday”

A song called Tuesday for doing things on a Friday that are probably better saved for Saturday.

Life – “R U D W N”

Music for… people who grew up in the 90s on $5 ska and punk compilations and can appreciate a bit of that classic vibe in their Summertime playlist.

Location: The South Bay of LA. Beachside bonfire sing alongs.

Future: The Rundown EP is out now on iTunes.

Frogtown – “How We Are”

Sounds Like… working some shit out on a makeshift bedroom dance floor. Don’t underestimate the power of a drum machine and an internet connection in exercising the heartbreak.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Future: A Facebook page, maybe? Get the whole EP on Bandcamp in the meantime.

[PREMIERE] 8th Grader – “Tiger”

Sounds Like… George Michael and Blood Orange collaborating on an entry for a “sexiest song contest”. 8th Grader makes music much more mature than his name suggests. This is no Animal Planet special… “Tiger” is a jam for activities that normal 8th graders only dream about.

Location: San Francisco, CA

Future: 8th Grader heads out on a mini tour through SF, LA and Las Vegas soon. Catch him here in LA at Blind Date on June 25th!


The Mercy Beat – “An Act of Mercy”

Sounds Like… falsetto synth pop perfect for silly dance moves. Sam Endicott used to sing for The Bravery. Then he dropped the angst shtick when he co-wrote the best Shakira song ever: “She Wolf”. Now he bring the party vibe correct with his new project The Mercy Beat.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Future: Loose dance moves, USA. Plus their debut EP is out tomorrow but you can listen now.

Slaptop – “Sunrise”

Sounds Like… Friday got started already! If you aren’t already half checked out for the weekend then this jam will finish the job. Elements of an 8-bit dance battle whiz and zing around the sparkling production. Then when you think things couldn’yt get any more rad, the horns come in. Cue out-of-office auto-reply!

Location: San Francisco, CA

Future: On my stereo all weekend. Then “Sunrise” is out 6/17.