Common Tiger – “Surf” // Art: Caitlin McCarthy

Common Tiger ’s recent song, “Surf”, is a really powerful of example of great songwriting and outstanding production. The track begins with a bouncy and organic acoustic guitar riffs, which fits right into the edgy drum beat and cool electronic samples. The bass creeps in shortly after, with a fat, saturated tone that brings a lot of power to the mix.

Common Tiger’s production aesthetics make me think of artists like Bibio, yet this sound is definitely more upbeat and energetic, with a more focus on conceiving catchy and immediate melodies with a very appealing feel. This song is a true wild ride, which allows multiple layers of grooves and melodies to truly move the song forward, propelling it in a very dynamic way. The song combines the tangible textures of acoustic instruments (such as acoustic guitar and acoustic drum samples) with the feel of synths and other effects, making for a very interesting and direct contrast.

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