Midnight Mystery Club – “Run” + Album Preview // George Greaves

The wonderfully named Midnight Mystery Club has teased us with a preview of their debut album (below) which is if you are like me and already love the sunset groover “Run” (above) and previously posted “Richest Man In The World” then you are already excited for it. Turn down the lights and turn up the music!

Make sure to check out Midnight Mystery Club on VINYL MOON Volume 017 as well!

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Denny White – “Widescreen”

Sounds Like… Denny has some stories to tell and some pipes to tell em with. Add on the oversized production full of booming percussion and killer horns and I’m on board. Epic!

Location: Los Angeles.

Future: Hopefully more stories.

Fever Charm – “Moonshine”

Sounds Like: Drowning your sorrows with a crap whiskey and a great woman.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Future: Soaking booze soaked crowds in bass lines and butt shaking.

Allie X – “Catch”

[soundcloud id=’130560967′]

Allie X comes to Los Angeles via Toronto and her music reflects a bit of each home. “Catch” sparkles with bits of shiny pop sunshine but there is a bit of wintery bite laying under the surface.

[MP3] FMLYBND – “Far Away”

FMLYBND - Far Away

FMLYBND finally follow up their super-jam “Electricity” with the next taste of their SoCal sound. Spacey, synthy, and surging with enough energy to spread through a night of ruckus making in the big city.

Catch them with me tomorrow night in LA at Club Nokia! They are opening for The Presets, Tanlines, and Robert DeLong! WIN TICKETS if you Tweet or Facebook this post and tag @fmlybnd @xgames and @theburningear. The person who hypes it up the most will definitely have a better chance of winning… We’ll announce the winners tomorrow…

Oliver – “MYB”


Move your body! Pretty self explanatory here. Monday’s are tough so fight that work-week fatigue with some blood pumping desk dancing. Just be sure to abide by your office’s sexual harassment policies when dancing with coworkers. Lawsuits are way less fun than being out of jail for the next Oliver show!

[JBI!] TBE Presents: Fever For The Flavor – A Mix for L.A.

fever Flavor cover

Los Angeles, the city of a million legends and a million disappointed tourists. Its too big to take in by foot and too confusing and traffic-packed to really see by car. It really isn’t a city at all, but more of a collection of cities that all happen to touch each other and give the illusion of being unified. However, while the city/ies may be sprawling and disjointed, they share a role as muse for great music. As I have simmered here this past two weeks I have been compiling my list of great L.A. songs. Some tribute, some complaint, but all about L.A. The mix’s title comes from Bran Van 3000’s “Drinking in L.A.” whose lyrics seemed strikingly poignant during this 26th year of my life. Oh, and it also reminds me of all the good eatin’ I miss when I’m away from L.A. Mmmmm, tacos…..

What is your favorite L.A. song/story/riot/natural disaster/celebrity sighting?

Download “Fever For The Flavor – A Mix for L.A.”

Tracklist and individual downloads after the jump.

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Wild Light fucks California. “Don’t! Stop!” or “Don’t stop!”?


give me a lake that I can dive into

bury my head in the shit at the bottom

Wild Light – California On My Mind

Too much profanity for your virgin ears? Close up your 18 tabs of RedTube and deal with it.

As a California native my interest is always piqued by songs involving the Golden State. When that song is released by our friends at StarTime International AND is recommended by Silence Killer then I am all up in it’s shit. While I am not sure I can fully endorse Wild Light’s Cali-rage I can definitely get behind the music it inspired.

Ride the Wild Light over to iTunes / MySpace!