Fake Shark – “NOFOMO” // Muretz

There’s a precise art to making a happy-sounding sad song, and Fake Shark are proving themselves as masters of that art with “NOFOMO”. There’s plenty of lyrical bummer to sink your teeth into if you’re feeling particularly #sadboy / #sadgirl, but dammit if you won’t be jumping around like a goof the whole time. Time to see if you can frown and dance at the same time.

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Adrian Underhill – “Cruel” // Timo Kuilder

Since listening to this song, I’ve lost five different pencil in air drumming-related incidents. One of them landed in my coworker’s hair, but I don’t think she’s noticed yet. Maybe I can knock it loose with another pencil? Better queue up the song again.

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Shawn William Clarke – “Young In Love (At The End Of The World)” // Antony Gormley

You ever get so lost in a moment with a song that you realize you’re staring at nothing and idly fidgeting with a pencil like a caricature of a person lost in a moment? You feel like an archetype in a sitcom and start to wonder if those characters ever meditated on their universality made them more meaningful or cheapened their existence?

Er, I mean, me neither.

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Men I Trust – “Tailwhip” // Michael Haddad

“Tailwhip” immediately commits itself to a singular groove that lasts for the whole track, and us listeners really reap the rewards. Men I Trust’s latest is the new champion of subdued dancing. It’s guaranteed to make the next three-minutes-and-forty-five-seconds go by swimmingly.

Keep dancing with Men I Trust’s “Lauren”, as heard on VINYL MOON Volume 018: Intrepid Curves.

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Germany Germany – “Lux” // Shinri Tezuka

It’s been a long time since we heard from TBE fave Germany Germany!

“Lux” would be the soundtrack to the Stranger Things on Sega Genesis. Retro synth worship at a cinematic, yet not excessive, scope.

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JP Saxe – “Changed” + Video // Daniel Shipp

And I hate that my whole family’s gotta ask me how you’ve been
You know me better than I wish you did

JP lays his already raw heart on the table in “Changed” and I can’t think of a better way for him to heal. This song has so many people healing right along with him. A couple more spins and we might be all better.


“Changed” on Spotify.
Download on iTunes.

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Shawn William Clarke – “Autumn In New Brunswick” // Julian Callos

A soft ode to life on the road, Shawn William Clarke paints a lovely picture of things constantly moving around you even though you feel motionless. Close your eyes and let the music do the moving for once.

“Autumn in New Brunswick” is from Shawn’s upcoming second LP Topaz.

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HUMANS – “Boys & Girls” // Milo Targett

HUMANS don’t care whether you’re a devout acid house ‘head or you don’t know the difference between an 808 and a 303 – you’re gonna move your feet to “Boys & Girls”. If you’re running low on dance moves, feel free to cop a few from the characters in the 360 VR music video below – don’t worry, we won’t tell.

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