Faunts manage to Feel.Love.Thinking.Of. even you


my pain is gone with none to blame but you

Faunts – Feel.Love.Thinking.Of.

Faunts hail from Edmonton, Canada, and apparently that out-of-the-way locale has enabled them to slip under my radar for two albums, and EP, and a remix LP. “Feel.Love.Thinking.Of.” is the title track from their latest LP and is stunningly beautiful. A subdued electro beat swims under elegant vocals to create a track that grips me every time I hear it. The album has rave reviews over at eMusic where you can get their whole back catalog. 

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Dinosaur Bones make it through NYE


if i told you the sky was falling would you try to start a fight?

Dinosaur Bones – NYE

Its Saturday. I don’t feel like writing and you don’t feel like reading. Enjoy Dinosaur Bones, just like you did when you were a kid.

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Junior Boys like it when you wear just Bits and Pieces

beyonddullcareremember the words, the lighting cues, it’s all up to you

Junior Boys – Bits and Pieces

Junior Boys are back with their follow up to 2006’s So This Is Goodbye. Begone Dull Care is short (8 tracks) and sweet. The Boys have taken their sex music simple and infectious rhythms and let them linger a bit, letting most tracks run past 6 minutes (Take time at the neck!). It’s definitely an album for specific moods or actions. (*Wink!*) Anyway, “Hazel” is the first single from Begone Dull Care (get it free at their MySpace) but “Bits and Pieces” is my favorite. The throbbing (tee hee!) bass-line and breathy vocals are sure to raise your temperature a bit (and piece? ha). If you like what you hear (feel) then I recommend you scoot over to eMusic and pick up the album. Don’t let its bargain of 8 tracks fool you, it still runs 47 minutes. Plenty of time for foreplay (I’m serious about the neck).

Junior Boys – In The Morning (from their first LP So This Is Goodbye)

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Amos The Transparent gave me Lemons, hoping for lemonade


cause true love shouldn’t have to be convinced every week

Amos The Transparent – Lemons a.k.a Big Fish Little Pond

When I the twangy strumming of “Lemons” first seeped into my ears I was instantly intrigued. Further listens fostered further love and it quickly became my go-to mellow jam. Learning that “Lemons” is from Amos The Transparent’s upcoming sophomore album I sought out their debut Everything I’ve Forgotten To Forget in search of more magic. Sadly, their overuse of failing-memory related terms seem to have made the album, well, forgettable. It provided nothing memorable or worth singling out here. Trust me, I tried. So here’s to hoping that Amos’ forthcoming LP My, What Big Teeth You Have… will bring the breathy brooding heat, à la “Lemons.”

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