Captain Kidd (Official) – “No Good (feat. JXHLANI)”

Captain Kidd (Official) – “ONE NIGHT”

Captain Kidd – “WIDE EYES”

We love Captain Kidd so much we putting them on Vinyl Moon next month. Shhh… don’t tell anyone.



Captain Kidd – “LIMIT” // John Mahoney

“Limit” serves up tasty melodic deep house vibes. I imagine a masquerade ball turned sinister. You’re looking for someone, but who could it be? Everyone’s faces are covered, so you’ll need to be crafty to find your target. Dancing and bobbing through the crowds, trying to blend in, the pressure is on and the clock is ticking. One wrong move could be your last. Descend into the night.

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Captain Kidd – “BLEED” // Chris Guest

You pop in the tape to your cassette deck and hit play. The island vibe beats immediately wash over you, transporting you to the nearest, or farthest, tropical location of your choice. An absolutely choice selection of instruments complete “BLEED”, making this new one from TE faves Captain Kidd one of the most intriguing and relaxing downtempo pop tracks I’ve heard in quite some time.

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