Safari Gold – “Breakout ft. Snny” // Quentin Blake

An uplifting, dreamy soundscape to play while sitting at the window seat on your cross-country flight.  The use of electronic piano combined with synth is the perfect recipe for the dreamy sound it achieves, and the Snny’s guest feature blends nicely with the carefree attitude the tune retains.

Drift away to more Safari Gold with their track “Howl” on VINYL MOON: Parallels.

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Duck House – “Closer”

Try not to let those squinty memories of a bright weekend under the sun fade so fast. Turn up “Closer” and get right back in that lounge vibe that today so rudely interrupted.  Read more

Safari Gold – “Howl”

bring me daylight in a pill

you owe me every thrill

you owe me everything you’ve got

Sure, sunsets are beautiful things. But there is something heavy about them. The death of a day. The closing of a window of opportunity. Watching a sunset can feel like staring at the clock for the last minute of a test you haven’t finished taking. Sunsets are beautiful, but heavy too. Like “Howl”.  Read more