MUNA – “So Special”

When you are a teenage girl just trying to live normal it can be hard to acknowledge the super powers brewing within you. You tell yourself you are not special. You force yourself to blend in. But then you hear a song in your head that triggers forces within you and the next thing you know you are commanding elemental forces you only just started learning about in school.  Read more

[MP3] Carlton – “Trigger Happy”

Sounds like… the boys of Carlton are using the direction they found in “Drift” (ha) to evolve their power pop sound to new levels. “Trigger Happy” combines the best of Carlton with bouncy and catchy mixed with a bit of sugar. Too sweet for you? Throw some Tequila in the mix with their live show and you may just lighten up. Plus, who else is doing guitar solos like at 1:54 anymore!?

Location: Los Angeles

Future: More jams in the works.

[PARTY] Blind Date w/ Bryce Vine, Wild Party, 8th Grader, Carlton // 6.25.2014

Blind Date is the finest monthly new music showcase in LA and yes I happen to co-organize it, yes it is turning 21, and yes you will fee stupid if you miss it tonight. We are celebrating our 21st edition with a kick ass lineup of Burning Ear favorites from nearly every genre we love. I’m getting hot just thunking about it.


Blind Date @ Bootleg Bar
9pm  - Carlton
9:45  – 8th Grader
10:30  - Wild Party
11:15 – Bryce Vine
I’ll be spinning between sets. Sweet.


[PREMIERE] Carlton! – “Drift” + “Sex Taxi”

Today we get a softer side from Los Angeles’ Carlton. These guys first caught my ear with the bass-line ride of “Sex Taxi” (below) which led me to the rest of their great Stretching EP and finally their killer live show. Now we get “Drift” and its misty guitar riffs, bedroom voice, and smooth shuffling percussion. These guys are flexing their range and I’m looking forward to what’s next.