8th Grader – “All We Can Do” (Produced by Carousel)

Music for… lovers, dancers, huggers, and even those of us with that little shuffle step we only do when nobody is looking. You know its a party when two of my favorite sex-groove maestro’s, 8th Grader and Carousel, team up on a jam designed to “keep the fire burning” if you know what I mean.

Location: San Francisco, CA

Future: With both bands living in SF these days I’m hoping for more like this. Then a tour! Yeah, lets do it.

Racing Glaciers – “Moths (Carousel Remix)”

A Carousel remix is like a good massage. Firm, relaxing, and refreshing. Get loose.

Remix Roundup Vol. 71 – THE RETURN! PART 1

I know, I know. It’s been too long. The Remix Roundups are back and I guarantee they will be more fun then ever. Here is Vol 71 for your weekend enjoyment and I already have Vol 72 coming together. Both of them are a kind of “house cleaning” of all the amazing remixes of 2013 that never got Roundup love. They will be followed by the Best Remixes of 2013 post. Thats a lot of music. Drink a lot of water and don’t forget to stretch.

Oh, and there are a few jams included in the ZIP below that aren’t on Soundcloud anymore so make sure you grab that…

[soundcloud id=’23474297′ format=’set’]

Get the ZIP

If the Jammer download page is not working with Facebook connect then please let me know in the comments below. There have been some problems and I want to get them sorted.

The Burning Ear Presents: DWNTWN @ The Satellite 1/20 with guests Carousel & Scavenger Hunt

I’m proud to present the next residency show of one of my favorite LA bands, DWNTWN. The Satellite is the very first venue I ever saw them live over 2 years ago and now they are hosting their own residency there. Gotta love when life comes full circle! Also gotta love when TBE faves Carousel and Scavenger Hunt are on the bill as well. I’ll be DJing between sets so come out for a night of awesome music and good times!

The Satellite on Monday 1/20 @ 8:30 pm

Carousel – “Into The Night”

Carousel have been on a roll lately and it’s not stopping with their brand new track. “Into The Night” is a fog machine strapped to the hood of a convertible with the volume cranked way too high and a guy standing in the backseat playing that guitar solo. Highly unsafe but eternally satisfying.

[VIDEO] Music Video Roundup – 11.08.13

Another stack of awesome music videos for you to kick back with this weekend. Tom Cruise, pool parties, Barbies, ghosts, bullies, squirrel suits, tongue in cheek art direction, and a really nice slo-mo piece of just walking in the woods. Something for everyone!


Carousel – “Another Day”

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TBE Presents: Madi Diaz & Carousel Tonight at Bootleg Bar


Carousel has been dropping a steady stream of smooth new jams lately and have nabbed themselves a co-residency with Madi Diaz right here in Los Angeles. Tonight is week #2 of the tag team shows at Bootleg and yours truly will be DJing between sets. Come out for wall to wall jams with some great bands and great jams!

Remember when Madi Diaz played that TBE show with Harlan last year? What happened to her? Well, she has been working on some great new material that I am unfortunately not allowed to post but you can hear it live tonight! In the meantime dive into my the silky groover “Dancing In The Dark” and hone those moves.

Ticket link: tickets $5


Carousel – “Another Day”

Carousel - Another Day

i can tell that you’re quiet but you feel it too

Having the pleasure of hanging with the Carousel guys at SXSW, I can attest to their status as road warriors. I’ve seen the tour vehicle. The life of a band on the road is one of fast friends and even faster goodbyes. “Another Day” is an ode to that fantasy of just being able to have one more day. I think we’ve all been there.