The Best Songs of 2010 for Shaking Your Ass/Rump/Donk/Moneymaker/What Your Mama Gave You: A New Years Eve Collection

The year comes to a close tomorrow and it’s time to start compiling those “Best Of” lists we all love. What better way to kick things off than with a mega-mix of the year’s best ass-shaking jams. Those tracks that just take a hold and force you to dip that hip, and just in time for New Year’s Eve!

Some are originals, some are remixes, and some are mashups. It’s no means a definitive list nor are the tracks in any sort of ranking. These are the tracks that have gotten my blood pumping all year long and so what better way to celebrate them than letting them ring in the new year! More specific lists coming once the year actually ends!

I’ve broken them down into three parts for easier navigation. If these lists were hot sauces they would Read more

CARTE BLANCHE and GARE DU NORD are in a foreign language: Danceparty-ese!

2 express, no local stops, it’s time to get back and collect our props

♫ Carte Blanche – Gare du Nord

It’s been a while since I’ve dropped any roof-rippers on y’all but considering it’s Friday and TBE has been a little light lately I figure it’s prime time to get pumping! Carte Blanche is the side project of two TBE alums, DJ Medhi and Riton, who recently got together to whip up a little EP they are calling Black Millionaires, which is out now. The 4 tracks are thumping house jams with hints of their individual flavor, as well as guest vocals by Kid Sister on throwback “Do! Do! Do!” Since both are serious forces in their own right, it’s not surprising that Carte Blanche is solid business. Beyond solid, however, is the EP opener “Gare du Nord,” which literally barrels into your speakers with that opening bass-line and train horn. Then it’s handclaps, a perfect vocal sample, and bass that will drop your ass if you aren’t careful. This is DJ teamwork at it’s finest, people. Just try not to dance your ass literally off, people.

Bury your face in MySpaces! Riton / DJ Medhi