♫ Casiokids – Det Haster!

I like Casiokids. I like their vibe. But this LP just doesnt have any re-listening pull. Nice but quite forgettable. Great video though.4/10

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Casiokids want you to shake your Finn until you Bikkjen!

Casiokids Fin

♫ Casiokids – Finn Bikkjen!

Seeing as how Friday evening is quickly approaching it is time to put a little pep in your step and get hyped for the weekend! I never realized that electro-magic in Norwegian would be perfect for that, enabling the ‘lyric-focused’ part of the music-brain to put it’s feet up and straight chill for a bit. If Norwegian is a particularly distracting/taxing language for you to listen to then try “Fot I Hose” and all it’s instrumental zaniness below.

♫ Casiokids – Fot I Hose

Seriously, people, these two jams were on repeat all last Saturday night and I have a feeling they will make a reprise this weekend. Casiokids recently released “Finn Bikkjen!” (as a double single with “Gomur Mamma“), while “Fot I Hose” was released as a single earlier in the year. No word on an LP but that just gives us more time to figure out what those shiny vocals are all about. My gut tells me it’s something about getting drunk and dancing in a strawberry outfit, but that could just be the Norwegian Colin Ferrel & company on the album art influencing me. Whatever, I’m gonna try it anyway. I may also try their debut LP Fuck Midi!, for which they went on a 12-date tour of kindergartens to support. I always knew kindergarten in Norway was way cooler than here. Thanks, American Mom. [via The Recommender]

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