Cats Hero – “Feel It” // Matthew Houston

Long ago Cat’s Hero dropped one of my favorite remixes of 2010. Finally we have some original jams from the guy and I couldn’t be sweating more. Trying to make my body as elastic as this bass line is not easy!

The ‘Son EP’ is available exclusively on Traxsource. Buy here.

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Lenno – “Chase The Sun” (Cats Hero remix)

Sounds like… a damn winner! Literally. Remember back in 2011 when Cats Hero remixed Everything Everything for a contest and won? Well he did it again! This time for Lenno and Scavenger Hunt’s summer party jam “Chase The Sun”! Best part, he even infused a bit of that syncopated Everything Everything guitar into the mix. Connecting the dots!

Location: Kent, UK

Future: He wins. We win. Everyone wins.

[EXCLUSIVE] Everything Everything – “Airstrike On Your Forehead” (MY KZ UR BF demo)

eyes on the roof of my mouth, i discover that it’s gonna be hard

So one of my favorite albums of 2010 was just shortlisted for the Mercury Prize and we have an exclusive Everything Everything jam to celebrate with! “Airstrike on Your Forehead” is an early demo of “MY KZ UR BF” and if you know the song (you should) then you will recognize it immediately. You will also hear that lots changed before the final version. “Airstrike” creeps and lurks in ways that “MY KZ” preferred to spazz and lurch. But I really like this laid back version. Something summery about it. It’s always interesting to hear the evolution of a song but rarely this rewarding. Jon from the band had this to say about the process:

This is a demo that eventually became MY KZ UR BF. We decided AOYF was too straight and ploddy in this format and wanted to shake it up a bit by changing the feel of the verses. Lyrically the idea is the same, only in the finished version I had to strip it down to the core of the narrative to fit. An early version of MY KZ actually started with a single finger click and then all of us shouting any note, which was held for a few seconds (a really horrible chord) then another click, and onto the verse – ‘flashbacks to the time…’. Our producer David Kosten did away with this which I thought was insane. But it wasn’t insane.

(Click on the dark grey arrow at the right edge of the player for download option)

Airstrike On Your Forehead (MY KZ UR BF demo) by EverythingEverything

Speaking of rewarding, EverythingEverything held a contest to remix “Final Form” and this remix by Cats Hero won. Damn if it isn’t some freshness. Ughnn.Get it. Get it good.

♫ EverythingEverything – Final Form (Cats Hero Remix)

Good luck to Everything Everything on the Mercury Prize and let’s get some proper new jams out soon, eh guys?

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