CEO – “Whorehouse”

CEO - Whorehouse

Woah, remember ceo from way back in 2010 when he dropped his magical Swedish take on summer sunsets with “Come With Me”!? It’s damn nice to have him back! New track “Whorehouse” defies its title with all kinds of oddball bubbly energy. A bouncy dance party well worthy of that great album art photo.

The Best Cover Songs of 2010

This year saw quite a few bands taking cracks at covers of songs both new and old. From bare bones beautiful interpretations of The Smashing Pumpkins, Miike Snow, and LCD Soundsystem to full on genre flipping of Jay-Z and Justice, to a different blend of herbs and spices on Band of Horses and Beyoncé, it’s clear that there is no magic formula to a great cover. These are the one’s I loved the most this past year. You?

10. ♫ ceo – Halo (Beyoncé Cover)

9. ♫ Jackson Harris – Empire State Of Mind (Jay-Z cover)

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SUMMER ROLLS ON /// A Summer Mix, Vol 2

The summer continues! This mix is a bit mellower while stil maintaining some upbeat summer vibes. Kinda the perfect soundtrack for a long summer bike ride in speedos and a pedo ‘stache with a bike basket full of brews and your tank top. Enjoy and don’t forget about Volume 1.

1. ♫ Javelin – Vibrationz

2. ♫ Sean Bones – Easy Street

3. ♫ Annuals – Eyes in the Darkness

4. ♫ Lee Fields – Ladies

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CEO has COME out WITH a jam that is keeping it real for ME

i keep it real, i keep it real, i keep it real

♫ ceo – Come With Me

The problem with hearing “Come With Me” for the first time while watching the video is that the song gets framed as a creepy New England meets Pokemon nightmare. After finally forgetting the video’s imagery I was able to soak in the song’s true vibes as a glistening slice of buoyant summery acoustics. It’s now become a perfect anthem for these sticky-backed summer days as I close my eyes and imagine myself floating on a body of water somewhere (anywhere!). ceo is the solo project of Eric Berglund, a guy in a Swedish band called The Tough Alliance. I can’t draw you any comparisons to his other band but I can say that this is some serious catharsis for Eric, as digging through any of his press material or interviews will show you. Whatever inner turmoil the dude is working though it sounds good to me. I haven’t heard all of the 8 track debut, White Magic, but I’ve seen good reviews. Any TBE readers loving it?

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