Charles Fauna – “The Boatman” + “Friday” // Art: Emil Alzamora

I love Charles Fauna and am so stoked on his recent music. Get into him on the beautiful and haunting new EP The Boatman.

Get more Charles Fauna with “Restless Child” from his previous project Paideia on Vinyl Moon 014: Through The Window.

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Charles Fauna – “Something Human” // Art: Karla Hiraldo Voleau

Charles Fauna’s stunning Eulogy EP is out now and should be on repeat for a long while.

For more Charles Fauna, listen to “Restless Child” from his previous project PAIDEIA, featured on VINYL MOON Volume 014: Through The Window.

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Charles Fauna – “Wait To Come Over” // Art: OZMO

Charles Fauna recently released a new groundbreaking single titled “Wait To Come Over”, whose synth-heavy production brings to mind Empire Of The Sun or Sam Sparro. The production of this track is rich and detail-oriented, but the focus is on the song itself – meaning that this is more than a throwaway dance track, it’s a piece of music that will last well beyond the intial release hype. I can’t wait to see what Charles Fauna has in store for us.

To hear Charles Fauna’s previous project, Paideia, check out “Restless Child” on VINYL MOON Volume 014: From The Window.

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Charles Fauna – “Abandon” + “Hypnosis (Brothertiger Remix)” // Shok-1

Double trouble from Charles Fauna!

Charles Fauna is the pool, Brothertiger is the raft, and you’re invited to float with them both. Brothertiger takes the syncopated rhythm of the original but douses it with vibe and lush arrangement, resulting in a spacious, sparkling remix. You’d think the isolated themes in the lyrics would conflict with some of the shiny synthlines, but instead the whole thing feels, well, hypnotic.

Get into even more of Charles Fauna (formerly Paideia) with “Restless Child” from VINYL MOON Volume 014: From The Window.

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Glassio – “Morning House (feat. Charles Fauna)” // Manon Wertenbroek

Let Glassio’s beats pull you out of your Monday shell and Charles Fauna’s silky voice calm your nerves as you face the week ahead. “Morning House” is a groover to keep on repeat until its infectious grooves have you sufficiently pumped!

Be sure to also get into the killer Charles Fauna (FKA Paideia) jam “Restless Child” on VINYL MOON Vol 014: From The Window

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