Ivory! – “Alone” // Caitlin Soliman

What makes “Alone” so beautiful is its unique blend of classic hip hop sampling production (calling back to a Nujabes-inspired sound), jazzy electronica textures, and soulful vocal styles. Ivory!’s (formerly Geminii) is perfect music for a skyscraper rooftop chillout in the higher atmosphere, or for the reflective nights lying on the couch with a mug of tea.

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oddCouple – “See The Sun” // Sammy Stein

Good morning! oddCouple made you breakfast. There’s eggs just the way you like them, some toast, and a side of tasty beats with a choir in the background. You must have gotten some good sleep from the way you’re grooving in your chair. Milk or sugar for your coffee?

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Walkingshoe – “PAPER MOON” // Jeroen van Kesteren

Walkingshoe is camping music for me. I can already smell the eggs cooking and hear the coffee tin starting to whistle as the late-riser in the camp shuffles around their tent. But despite his very clear folk foundation, Walkingshoe incorporates light production touches that give this song so much more to explore. Which is great, because that gives you enough listens to learn the words and sing along – a camping must. I advise having “Can’t Sleep” from VINYL MOON Volume 017: Libertas ready for the car ride home.

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Shallou – “Begin (feat. Wales)” // Elliot Walker

Shallou shows his firm grasp of production that stays subdued even as it shimmer with vibrance – never too many elements at once, and plenty of space for Wales’ gentle vocals. If you’ve been hunting for a new rise-and-shine jam, “Begin” is it. Check out the rest of his excellent new EP, All Becomes Okay, and dig even further back with “Doubt” on VINYL MOON Volume 003: Halftone.

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Shallou x RKCB – “Slow” // Ana Maria

This is the what dreams are made of. Two TBE heavyweights collaborate on a track and it melts right through my speakers. I could definitely get down with a whole EP of jams like this.

Vinyl lover rejoice because both RKCB and Shallou were featured on Vinyl Moon! Volume 001 and 002 respectively. Drool as necessary.

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Walkingshoe – “Can’t Sleep” // Bob Dob

There is only so much rebelliously sweaty behavior a guy can get into before he needs to take a breather and reflect. Cheers to Walkingshoe for a fantastic soundtrack to both!

Stay tuned for more raucous jams from this guy…

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ELIJAH NOLL slows down just enough for you to slip into his RIDE

Get on or get out of line. I’m riding again.



JAMS THE FLAVA CHILD got plenty of FLAVA to go around, CHILD

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