[MP3] Christopher Norman – “Maps”

i don’t know how or why or when, your voice keeps playing back in my head

♫ Christopher Norman – Maps

Ok, so side story here. 5 years ago, when I lived in NYC, I worked part time at the amazing Christopher Norman Chocolates in the financial district (they still have my product photos up on the website!) The owners were two of the coolest guys I could ever work for and I spent my days listening to Bloc Party, The Shins, Copeland, and The New Amsterdams on repeat as I learned to pull a proper espresso from the Italian finance guy who came in every day and coached me just so he could get a himself decent shot.

So yes, all that was awesome and a long time ago but here we have something that is also awesome but is happening right now! And it’s also called Christopher Norman! So the lesson is that if you name your child Christopher Norman it will be awesome! Fact. So this CN is a young singer/songsmith who blends the juicy haze of Junior Boys with the tender piano stylings of James Blake. “Maps” is a beautiful piece of music that should have a home in everyone’s ears as well as some excessively heart wrenching scene in a movie. Mister Norman has 2 EPs out now and is working on a 3rd. Clearly a craftsman. I love it.

Artist links: Facebook / Soundcloud