CIRC – “Fistful Of Light” feat. Hanelaure

Try taking your robot butler out on the town tonight and get him ripped on pints of anti freeze and shots of axle grease. Get him talking about the assembly line he came from and that one app that he could never fully boot. Then in the morning plug a speaker jack into his hangover main frame. I’ll give you $5 if it doesn’t sound like this new gem from CIRC.  Read more

[MP3] CIRC – “Data Cream” + Family Strike EP

Sure, I’ve got nice LA weather and that may be easy to hate when some of you are freezing your headphone cords in blistering cold climates but hey, I’m just like you. I have bills, rent, responsibilities, etc. And just like you, I don’t have a yacht in a Mediterranean port city that I can wake up and look at every morning snd be speechless about how I ever ended up so lucky. (And if one of you DOES have that, then why haven’t you invited me yet?) In the meantime, I’ve got CIRC and the dreamy tropical adventures he takes me on when I close my eyes.

Download Circ jams at his Bandcamp.

Data Cream