CIVIL CIVIC cost LESS than a burrito, UNLESS you are buying crappy burritos.


♫ Civil Civic – Less Unless

Are you listening to this? Seriously, are you? Cause you should be. Civil Civic are a London/Barcelona duo who have whipped up this fantastic little number that will either make your ass shake or your speakers break, but probably both. Distortion has never sounded this good. The band nails it on the head:

We don’t have a music video for this song so it’s best to imagine one. Personally we recommend imagining a beach party being hit by a tsunami

Their debut EP is out soon on 100 limited edition cassettes (those beauties on the right) or digitally and the whole thing is like surf music on too many Red Bulls at the end of the world. Order both formats here, where you can also stream the EP to find out it is definitely worth the 1£ (USD $1.56) minimum download price. The best bit of pocket change I’ve spent all year.

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