VINYL MOON Volume 024: The Lost Expedition

We’re thrilled to unveil the latest edition of VINYL MOON, the record of the month club that presses ten up-and-coming music artists to vinyl, complete with original visual artwork and package design.

This month’s release is titled The Lost Expedition. Visual artist Gabriele Brombin takes us on a journey of unknown lands with a gatefold jacket with spot-gloss contour accents. A foldout map to an alien country helps guide the way, with three gorgeous art inserts on high quality yardstick providing even more to marvel at. Your destination, however, is the marbled burgundy vinyl inside and the music it contains.

Featuring TBE favorites like Only Girl, New Mystics, Kyson, and more, this volume of Vinyl Moon will

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CLAREMONT whispers 唯今 but all you hear is TADAIMA

Time for a brain vacation…

Manchester based producer Claremont drops an eight-track EP called Meeting Mushi inspired by Yuki Urushibara and Ginko. (read more)

Previously on TBE: Claremont

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Claremont. – “Gon”

Remember how when you you were younger and would get all pouty around your parents but then when something exciting or cool happened you had to stifle that joy? The piano wobble of “Gon” is kinda like that. Mellowed out and reflective but with intermittent “HEY!”s bursting through. A great track to have on repeat as you think back to how your parents were never really that bad after all.  Read more