Cloud – “Mother Sea (Live at Kulak’s Woodshed)”

Cloud – “Heartfluttered” // Art: Vera Shimuna

Come quick! It sounds like The Flaming Lips are playing backing band while White Fence sings about the wonderfully awkward and terribly beautiful moment of becoming intimate with someone for the first time. Or maybe this is a new single from Cloud! The guitars are right out of Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots, with an ample helping of shred during the instrumental break. You’ll want to bring that special someone with you: “Heartfluttered” is all tender swaying and holding hands as you’re rocked slowly into bliss.

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Cloud – “Wildfire” // WAONE Interesni Kazki

Following up the awesome, shimmery “Zen Summer” from 2015, Cloud has returned to inject you with a heavy dose of in your face psychedelic pop with “Wildfire”, the first single off his upcoming up album “Plays With Fire.” Immediately assaulting your ears with sound, the listener is enraptured in droning, warbling synths playing tag from ear to ear as a steady drum beat grounds the track in a perfect way. Cloud’s earnest vocals and lyrics shine through the dense, layered production to give the listener a sense of comfort and bliss. Close your eyes and let this one wash over you with headphones, you won’t be disappointed.