Panther Martin – “Take Two” // Hua Tunan

Panther Martin are the sonic equivalent of dressing the American Bald Eagle in a leather jacket, serving him too many light beers, and taking him to an air guitar competition. Utter domination.

The full LP record, PILE, is out now.

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Rob Drabkin – “Someday” // Arx Lee

Here is some wake-up music for when you fall asleep in your next dream…

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option4 ft. Rose Quartz – “Love Is Lonely”

Beware the night and all the things she brings. Be it soft, warm, furry, or sharp, they will all draw blood in the end. But what can you do but close your eyes and step into the pain?


option4 ft. Rose Quartz - Love Is Lonely

Rose Quartz: The VINYL MOON Interview

The first time I ever even heard of Rose Quartz was when I saw them open for Generationals in the middle of the SoCal desert. I was so stoked by what I saw and heard that I invited them to be on Vinyl Moon on the spot. They are a powerhouse of songwriting, live charisma, and good vibes. I am honored to be releasing a very special instrumental version of their mega jam “Leaving Now” on VINYL MOON Volume 1. To celebrate I got to catch the band for a bit as they head out on tour.

Vinyl Moon: Volume 1
Artist: Rose Quartz
Track: “Leaving Now” (Instrumental version)

Catch Rose Quartz ON TOUR NOW!

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Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats – “S.O.B.”

Do not mess with Nathaniel Rateliff when he is thirsty. This song title may have takes the PG route but his lyrics reveal his true feeling. Fire in the throat and bugs on the skin, Nathaniel is not sitting at the bar for his health. He is sitting there so that when he stands up tall and starts stomping the dusty floor boards it makes that much more of an impression. And when he does stand up, he better see you hand-clapping along. Or you are buying the next round, you SOB. Read more

Rose Quartz – “Leaving Now”

Sounds Like… a beautiful blend of indie grooves with dance funk moves. Like a much more palatable American Royalty or a darker and sharper Cherub. But really like none of those bands. Rose Quartz draw on many influences but weave them into a fabric all their own.

Location: Denver, CO

Future: SEE ROSE QUARTZ LIVE. Seriously, they are on tour with Generationals now and absolutely steal the show. Also get their new EP Axis of Love, out now via Red Bull Sound Select.

Adam Snow – “Amelia’s Theme”

Sounds like… the meditative chant to get through some of those longer Holiday moments with the family, friends, or just not-your-couch. Soothing in all the right ways. Close your eyes and drift back to where you want to be.

Location: Washington DC and Denver, CO

Future: Keep an eye out for more originals but Adam also does production for Lil B, Tayyib Ali, GLC, Nickelus F, etc.