Coast Modern – “Puppy Llama”

Coast Modern – “Electric Feel” // Maethawee Chiraphong

Coast Modern manages to breathe new life into MGMT hit single “Electric Feel”, giving it a pumping new beat behind the chorus and a burst of originality throughout. The vocals at first seem similar, but there’s a hearty dose of soul that Coast Modern’s have that MGMT is lacking. This is certainly a cover worthy of your ears.

Get more Coast Modern music in your life with their track “Hollow Life” on Vinyl Moon: Meanwhile…

Coast Modern – “Animals”

Knowledge, sanity, clarity. All pretty elastic concepts. See how far they stretch in an afternoon with Coast Modern’s new loopy eye-rubber “Animals”.  Read more

[DEBUT] Coast Modern – “Hollow Life”

The best thing about the weekend is completely detaching your brain from anything that matters and just vegetating through your body’s basic functions. But that kind of existence only lasts so long before you want a little more kick from life. Coast Modern’s debut jam is the perfect anthem for peeling yourself off the couch and slowly stumbling into a more ambitious chapter. But lets just take it one step at a time for now. Its only Monday.  Read more