Coconut Records deserves his Microphone


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Coconut Records – Microphone

I was late to the game on Coconut Records first album and so I guess it makes sense that I totally missed the January release of his second, Davey. Better late than never. Coconut Records is the solo project of ex-Phantom Planet drummer and actor Jason Schwartzman. Yeah, Max from Rushmore, that guy. His music is surprisingly good and pleasantly void of any of that actor-turned-musician pretense that tends to happen. I’m persoally a much bigger fan of his music than his acting and although Davey hasn’t grabbed me like first album Nighttiming did it is still quite nice. I’ll definitely be giving it a more spins. Check the awesome title track from Nighttiming.

Coconut Records – Nighttiming

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[Just Burn It!] Moms are the Best! mix-tape


This Sunday is Mother’s Day in many parts of the world. If you are in those parts, or you just love your mother, then this is the mix for you (and your mother!). Just download it, burn it, and give it to your mother. Don’t listen to it or even read the track names. That way it will be more fun for everyone!

Track-list after the jump. (no peeking!)

Download the “Moms are the Best!” mix

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