The Best Remixes of 2010… Since Then (July-Dec.)

Damn. Another great year for remixes. Whether bringing the dance heat, adding a different texture, or completely flipping a song over, we were hit with all kinds of solid sonic reworkings. No surprise to see some of TBE’s heavy hitters like RAC, Don Diablo, Bloodshy & Avant, and The Soundmen and a warm welcome to some new names that nailed their mixes to my repeat button. All of the top 6, as well as a few others, are remixes of tracks that never really caught me in their original form but now have become some of my favorite jams of the year. A whole new life was infused into them and isn’t that what a great remix is all about?

15. ♫ Sleigh Bells – AB Machines (French Horn Rebellion Remix)

14. ♫ Johnny Polygon ft Kid Cudi – Riot Song (The Soundmen Remix) / It’s official. Kid Cudi should only Read more

[MP3] Bedouin Soundclash & Coeur de Pirate

I stumbled across Bedouin Soundclash for the first time in a couple years in the midst of inserting the Coeur de Pirate song in last weeks “Remix roundup”.  Thank Tom Cruise I did too, because after nearly breaking up in 2007 and dumping their drummer the Soundclash are back with vengeance.

Case and Point:

cuz if you’re looking for love, you can look for that door

♫ Bedouin Soundclash- Brutal Hearts (Ft Coeur de Pirate) / This collaboration with Coeur de Pirate was  the first single released on the new album, Light The Horizon.  This song describes a man’s honest, dark search for those superficial intimate moments with another, and the realization that he’s not proud of living this way, but continues to do so (Thank you, Bedouin Soundclash for describing my romantic life).  This is easily one of my new favorite songs.

♫ Bedouin Soundclash- Mountain Top / Is definitely the pick me up, exhilarating song of the album and has a rad music video that fans were able to participate in as extras.

Don’t forget their 2004 breakthrough single…

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