[PREMIERE] COLLAJ – “Lose Control”

Our man Collaj has never shied away from his sexual side but “Lose Control” puts a more straightforward approach on his mission statement. And after seeing “Lose Control” live a handful of times the past year I’m honored to help deliver this musk scented love letter to panties everywhere. And on a Friday no less! Time to peck out an SMS tour your own “brand new Bugatti” and set up a date this weekend. Then just imagine Collaj and I right there with you singing “Lose Control” in your ear the whole time.  Read more

COLLAJ – “Tropical Vacation”

The party machine formerly known as 8th Grader is not known to mince words. Collaj is a man on a mission and right now that mission is to make sure all these bathing suits fit into his carry-on so nobody has to wait at baggage claim and he can get straight to the beach for a “biological situation”. Are you packed yet??  Read more

[PREMIERE] Magic Bronson – “Levitate ft. Collaj”

Magic Bronson and Collaj (formerly 8th Grader) are two of my favorite live bands around. When they played a show together last month I wasn’t going to miss it. When they debuted this new jam together, live, on stage, before my eyes, I knew I had to have it. Both bands are known for their body moving, party starting, jams but this collaboration takes them into darker territory. Like a hushed invitation into a dark forest where mystical things are undulating in the shadows. You are a little scared as you venture forth but you also know your hosts and trust their intentions. And then you feel a tingling in your hands and blurring of your vision and wonder what this forrest is doing to you…

As you ponder, dive into this great remix of last year’s “Fences”. A live favorite shot into low orbit by MyKill.

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