Dienst&Schulter – “Bring Me Night” // Xaviera Altena

Despite what you might initially think, my feeling is this is a track best enjoyed in the late afternoon on a porch, ice cold drink in hand, a long day’s work completed and nothing on the agenda but to relax and see what the day. True to its improvisationally-focused spoken sample, it’s time to go with the flow, whether that means stretching out in a hammock or hitting the town with friends. But first, I’ll just hit ‘repeat’ one more time…

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VIMES – “Tuem”

We’ve heard that patience is a virtue… but its when you all have been waiting 2.5 years for new Vimes track and I finally give you a beauty like this that you really start to believe it. So crank up the lush and slippery grooves of “Tuem” and slide into this 6 minute virtuous journey with me and Vimes.  Read more

Roosevelt – “Night Moves”

New Roosevelt! What are you doing still sitting there? Grab your audio-helmet and get out there! Those post-apocalyptic future-scapes are not going to explore themselves! Damnit, don’t just go out with your lunar boots, take the hover-sled!  Read more

VIMES – “Celestial”

Vimes - Celestial

“Celestial” is a minimal beat groover that is perfect for just about any setting I’ve thrown at it. Enough bounce to feel fun but mellow enough not to intrude. And catchy as hell.