Cookies – “Go Back”

Music for… people who miss Cookies in their life. Not just the little sweet things, but also the sweet thing of a band we covered in 2011 and 2012. They are finally back with a full album called Music for Touching and ever more funky indie swagger. “Go Back” is my official jam for this weekend’s festivities.

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Future: The album is called Music For Touching. You know what to do!

[MP3] Cookies – “Crybaby(A)”

but you live in my mind, that’s how the story goes

♫ Cookies – Crybaby (A)

  • Who: Ben, Melissa, & Ian
  • What: Electro-hip-pop, like XX
  • Where: NYC + Website / Amazon
  • When: This is the 4th and apparently last Cookies single. Weird.
  • Why: Cookies keep it smooth, warm, and tasty. Insert your own cookie related pun here or just take off your pants and dance like that girl there. You may or may not be in even less clothes by the end of this sultry funk basket. Well, whenever you get decent again don’t forget about Cookies last treat “Wilderness Tips.” You can also buy a “Crybaby” pillowcase. Ha.

[MP3] Cookies – “Wilderness Tips”

we’ll walk away from everybody that we know like a criminal

♫ Cookies – Wilderness Tips

NYC duo Cookies are serving some tasty jams, full of chunky beats and rich boy/girl vocals that make the slappy rhythm all the nicer. “Wilderness Tips” surges and swells with every beat while still keeping things sparse nicely arranged. For some reason these guys are severely under exposed. Grab more jams and nice album art at their website.

Artist links: Website / Amazon