Teenage Love – “Sweaterface” // Aof Smith

There’s a lot going on in this song.  Teenage Love’s “Sweaterface” is an orchestral cupcake in the cake pop section of the grocery market, with tinges of classical and big band instrumentation sprinkled here and there.  With a dynamic rhythm and a dense production, Teenage Love redefines maximalist music for a new generation.

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Vera – “In And Out Of Love” // Kelsey Beckett

Vera’s got your newest fix for a sexy sax solo on “In and Out of Love”. Heartbeat-kicks and heavy grooves give lots of opportunity for hip-shaking and making eyes from across the room. This one belongs in a lot of smokey lounges.

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School of X – “Words” // Elia Mervi

With juuuuuust the right amount of noise-freakout and tense darkness, School of X gets foreboding with “Words”. Perfect for murky walks home when you’re feeling a little not-so-nice. Go with the flow and get down with your bad self.

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Hans Island – “I’m Yours”

Just because Monday is pounding on your door like a brutal hangover, doesn’t mean you can’t close your eyes and flash back to the softer moments of your weekend gone by. That time in the sun. That time having fun. That time spent in the arms of your only one. Hans Island have the perfect song for keeping those moments on repeat in your mind before you return to the cruel mistress of the workday.  Read more

M.I.L.K. – “If We Want To”

“If We Want To” is a song about getting it on and not giving a damn about who cares. A perfect soundtrack for a Summer weekend under the sun. But now, come Monday, I like to think of it as the track in your headphones as you walk into work an hour late, hiding your glassy eyes behind salty sunglasses, singing the chorus to your boss as he lays a stack of TPS reports on your desk.  Read more

Mont Oliver – “All Yours”

Sounds like… Mont Oliver are fitting to get 2015 started off with a dance party.  Last year’s stunning and irresistible 19 EP lived in a bit darker territory but “All Yours” kicks up the funk and demands movement. Give in, yo.

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Future: More greatness (them). Better swagger (you).

Mont Oliver – “White Sheets”

Music for… taking your swagger game to the next level. Copenhagen’s Denmark follow up the insanely underrated “19” with the perfect jam to continue the Halloween vibe into Fall. Mont Oliver play with a lot of sounds on this jam and perfectly blend all of them. It sounds like nothing else out there today and is exactly why they are my favorite band of the past month. Innovation, attitude, grace, and style, all sounding so damn massive together.

Location: Copenhagen, Denamrk

Future: The ’19’ EP is out for FREE DOWNLOAD on 17th November via Fake Diamond Records.

Watch the killer video for “19” below

Mont Oliver – “19”

Sounds like… the angelic B-boys that welcome you to the pearly gates with this jam and a semi-synchronized dance number that all make you feel kinda OK about being dead. This is officially their debut song but some snooping around Soundcloud reveals some hidden jams that make me even more pumped (For them, not to die)

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark.

Future: The ’19’ EP will be released for FREE on 17th November via Fake Diamond Records.