[MP3] Cosmo Jarvis – “Sunshine”

in the rain i knew where i stood cause a wet man knows he’s owed some good

♫ Cosmo Jarvis – Sunshine

  • Who: Cosmo
  • What: Folk stomp, like XX
  • Where: Devon, UK + Facebook
  • When: New LP Think Bigger is out July 9th.
  • Why: Cosmo Jarvis has been kinda hit and miss since the early day’s of “Mel’s Song” but “Sunshine” has a bigger, badder and more mature sound that suits him well. The lyrics may not suit this sunny Memorial Day weekend but that’s just Cosmo for you. Stream the other solid single “Love This” here as you wait for Think Bigger. The multi-talented 22 year old just completed his first feature film Naughty Room so keep an eye out for that too.

Brandon’s TBE Digest 18 – 1.18.2011 [Passion Pit, Kanye West, Big K.R.I.T., RAC, Das Racist, BRAHMS, Kid Cudi, and more!]

It’s a new year and a lot of good stuff piled up over the holidays. Considering it’s the 18th Digest, today is the 18th (close enough…), and I have 18 tracks, I think this is some kind of perfect Digest or something. Dig in. But really, dig. There are some real gems in the mix down there.

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♫ Passion Pit – All These Trees / Passion Pit drop a new one through American Express ZYNC. I keep waiting for the song to start but it ends up being all build, no climax. Still nice to hear our boys back in the mix.

♫ BRAHMS – Add It Up / New BRAHMS track isn’t my favorite of theirs but I have to say, seeing them at The Brooklyn Electronic Music Festval last month was a Read more

COSMO JARVIS is more than Mel. SHE’S GOT a great song but there is more YOU should hear.

she’s gonna eat your soul, leave you with a hole

♫ Cosmo Jarvis – She’s Got You

Seems like forever since I put Cosmo Jarvis’ “Mel’s Song” up on TBE and it kinda has been but I just recently got a copy of his debut double-LP Humasyouhitch/Sonofabitch. I have never been a fan of double albums and as a debut it seems a particularly bad idea. In this day and age there is just so much music to be consumed that most bands are paring things down to 9 or 10 tracks per album and it’s a shift that I like. I’d rather have an album bring the jams and then leave me wanting more than meander on too long leaving me reaching for the skip button. Unfortunately, I’ve never met a double disc that left me wanting more and Cosmo’s debut is no different. The “lighter and fluffier” first disc, Humasyouhitch, is a damn solid pop with Cosmo ripping through 9 tracks of juvenile lyrics and bouncy, catchy music. Sonofabitch, the album dealing with “lyrical content and bad times” comes across as a heavy handed attempt at prove his chops as a serious songwriter. It’s like he pre-emtively bundled the stereotypical “mature sophomore album” with his goofy debut and it doesn’t quite work for me. Cosmo is best when he is slaying tight hooks, kicking out pop gems and singing about bullshit. However, tracks like the super fun “She’s Got You” and the infectious “Wild Humans” show that he is not all childish ridiculousness and can handle serious topics without turning into a downer. This guy has some serious talent and I hope he doesn’t let it get bogged down in depressing topics. I have no doubt that if he had released Humasyouhitch on it’s own, and slapped on a more upbeat cover, he would have gotten more attention last year. People like to know what they are getting and they like it wrapped up nice and tight. Own it, Cosmo, own it. And then rock it with no apologies.

Bury your face in MySpace

Cosmo Jarvis sings Mel’s Song for all of us


before we started we were already over, because i can’t talk to girls when i’m sober

Cosmo Jarvis – Mel’s Song

The maturity of Cosmo Jarvis’ lyrics are on par with the above artwork but don’t hold that against him. Just because most guys don’t sing about their balls or body odor doesn’t make Mel’s Song any less sharp, witty, catchy, or generally rocking. This is one where you are going to want to listen to the lyrics because it is a hilarious and “potentially touching” (ha!) story about meeting a beautiful woman on a park bench: something every guy can probably relate to… and for better or worse, probably every girl too.

Bury your face in MySpace /// Via Silence-Killer