Coucheron – “LOUD” // PIRU

One of the highlights of my SXSW was finally seeing Coucheron live (at our own showcase!) and watching him rip through his eclectic mix of jams and bangers. A generally sweaty good time all around! Be sure to catch him live if you can. And in the meantime kick back to “Loud”!

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DOUBLE DUTCH SXSW Showcase on Sat 3/18: Presented by The Burning Ear, Vinyl Moon, and Fancy PR

SXSW starts next week and we are back with another HUGE Official Showcase on Saturday March, 18th at The Sidewinder! DOUBLE DUTCH year two!


Lineup includes old TBE favorites like DYAN, St. Tropez, Magic Bronson, Klyne, Coucheron, Linying, Phoria, and Salt Cathedral, as well as some new faves like Yoke Lore, Giungla, Charlotte Cardin, The Shelters, and Chain Wallet.

I’m honored to be presenting the showcase in partnership with VINYL MOON and the awesome Fancy PR. Be sure to follow all the fun on Instagram and if you are in Austin come say Hi!

Until then, enjoy a playlist of all the bands!

Full Line Up:
7:45PM // Magic Bronson*
8PM // St. Tropez^
8:30PM // GIUNGLA*
8:55PM // Chain Wallet^
9:15PM // Linying*
9:55PM // YOKE LORE^
10:15PM // DYAN*
10:55PM // The Shelters^
11:15PM // Charlotte Cardin*
11:55PM // Coucheron^
12:15AM // Phoria*
12:55AM // Salt Cathedral^
1:15AM // Klyne*

* Inside Stage
^ Outside stage

Coucheron – “Ruby”

t’s not an absolute truth, just a word of wisdom. When you hear a girl sounding this sweet and wrapped in music this delicious, sometimes you gotta keep both eyes open to see the whole picture. Those pearly whites may be sharper than you think. So go ahead and get funky, but beware the dance floor siren…

Coucheron’s long awaited Playground EP is out now.  Read more

Coucheron – “Honky Donk” ft. RebMoe

Sounds like… I’m a damn sucker for Norway’s Coucheron and their crafty blend of smooth and straight up sassy. Clever move pairing with Mayer Hawthorne to sweet talk their way into our homes and now that they are in, their honky does pretty much whatever it wants. And thats ok with me.

Location: Norway. Freaking the chaiz lounge.

Future: Its probably dirty and a hell of a lot of fun.

Coucheron – “Deep End” ft. Eastside & Mayer Hawthorne (Matoma Remix)

Sounds like… I may be kinda obsessed with this jam… Thank goodness the fresh remixes keep coming and I can at least pretend that I’m “diversifying” my “Deep End” portfolio. Thank you Matoma, my push man this week.

Location: My speakers.

Future: More smack, I mean remixes…

Coucheron – “Take Me Back”

Sounds Like… Chromeo hiding out in Daft Punk’s robot outfits after breaking too many girls hearts at the local Parque Aquatique. In the 80s.

Location: Norway. The stairs to the big water slide. Behind the lockers.

Future: Maybe she will take him back…

Coucheron – “Deep End” ft. Eastside and Mayer Hawthorne

Norway’s Coucheron grabbed my ears with his killer Eye Emma Jedi remix and then I lost track of him. This original jam with guest Mayer Hawthorne is all the things I love in a funky summer jam! Suped up funk beats, weirdo groove noises, and smooth ass vocals. Get into it!

Remix Roundup Vol. 71 – THE RETURN! PART 1

I know, I know. It’s been too long. The Remix Roundups are back and I guarantee they will be more fun then ever. Here is Vol 71 for your weekend enjoyment and I already have Vol 72 coming together. Both of them are a kind of “house cleaning” of all the amazing remixes of 2013 that never got Roundup love. They will be followed by the Best Remixes of 2013 post. Thats a lot of music. Drink a lot of water and don’t forget to stretch.

Oh, and there are a few jams included in the ZIP below that aren’t on Soundcloud anymore so make sure you grab that…

[soundcloud id=’23474297′ format=’set’]

Get the ZIP

If the Jammer download page is not working with Facebook connect then please let me know in the comments below. There have been some problems and I want to get them sorted.